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Absolutely Gutted....


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Well I went to WI today and I had put on 3lb...... Last week I put on 1lb but that was deserved because I went to Alton Towers for the day and had burger king and doughnuts, although I was really good for all the rest of the week. This week I was really really good all week, no going over syns, eating more superfree food between meals than free food and I put on 3lb.... am totally gutted....
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Is it possible that the weight was actually from the week before? how was the week before alton?? x


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I find that sometimes (mostly) when I am being good it shows the week after, and I have heard that from a lot of people as well

I would draw a line under it and carry on regardless, it could be anything i guess (maybe even tetchy scales???) if you know you have been good then you know you shouldnt have had a gain

Bet next week is a good un :)



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S: 12st8lb C: 12st7lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st1lb(0.57%)
I have only had 4 WIs, not been on the diet long. The first week I lost 2lb, the 2nd week I lost 4lb and got slimmer of the week, the next week I didn't weigh as it was bank holiday monday, the following week is Alton Towers week and a 1lb gain and this week, back to a complete dieting week and put on 3 lb.... it is my * week but I did lose 2lb on my last * week.
It is maybe doe to * week honey. I would stay on track this week & hopefully next week you will have an excellent week.

Our bodies are weird & wonderful things arn't they - also bl**dy annoying at times like this!!!!


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ah ha, i would say it must be cos of the * week. Just cos the last time you lost x amount does not mean it will be the same every time.....

I wouldnt be too worried about it (easier said I know) and well done on your losses to date

Stay focused and on it and you will be fine next week



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Arr, i can understand why you must be getting fed up, just bear with it, i think maybe it is just taking your system a while to get used to the diet. Also, if you have been doing CD for a while, your body is prob adjusting to the increased amount of food too! Do you keep a food diary? xx


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It is soooo annoying!! This has happened to me, and when I have KNOWN that I've been ultra good!! All I can say is that SW isn't about just one week, it's about the big picture!! Try looking at your losses over a month rather than just the one week!! I bet if you have a good week again this week you'll see a fab loss next week!! Hang in there and whatever you do don't let it get you down all week as that will just lead to irrational eating/behaviour and those are the habits we're trying to get rid of!!XXXX


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hon, i know it's hard, but i think you'll be very happy next week! stick to plan and it will come off. i had a very similar experience recently, 1lb on and the next week 5lbs on!!!! i was soooooooo gutted. the next week i lost 8lb?!?! WTF?! there's no way i could of yo-yo'd so much, its just our bodies playing silly buggars with us!


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i went thru this as well! its frustrating and you feel like its 1 step forward and 2 back but hun dont let it get you down! like everyone else says it could be star week, or it could just be that some of the free foods you're eating might not be working for you?? we're all different and what works for one might not for another!!

u must've had a blast at alton towers so and enjoy the fun! draw a line under it and just start again! but dont let it get to you!! xxx


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I guess the problem I have now is that I feel I should be cutting down on what I eat, but if it is just my body messing around, should I really be cutting down..... confused as I think maybe I ate too much last week and dont read the signs that I am full properly, or did I eat okay and was just unlucky. I do have a food diary which I have just started, will add todays food to it now.... any comments would be welcome. BTW CD I did and got to goal last August so haven't done CD since last August, its just that I put on a stone over Christmas, lost it during Jan and Feb using WW and then put it back on, thought SW would be excellent as it would be a way of life eating and hoping if I learn this I wont put that flippin stone back on...


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Dont beat yourself up! I followed LL for AGES and there were weeks that I actually gained weight when I hadnt eaten a thing!! It would all come off the following week and was just water retention. Anything from this, constipation or your body just holding onto everything could have caused this weight gain.

Continue with the plan as you are. Dont cut back, just dont go over and you will see, it will come off!!

I know its easier said than done, but please try not to feel too down about it xxx

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