Step2 810kcal Absolutley gutted

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by chloedavis1993, 3 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Am so gutted :( I had my first weigh in today and only lost 1lb!! I stuck to it the whole week and didn't cheat once! I don't no what I do wrong every diet I do the weight just doesn't shift :( any advice? I need cheering up x
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    I didn't want to read and run but not sure what to advise! Perhaps it's just your body adjusting to a new diet? What did your CDC say?
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    Hi hun, there will be a lot of contributing factors... Do you have much to lose?

    Some people go into ketosis on step 2, some don't, it makes a massive difference which food choices you make, you will lose quicker in ketosis.

    For example, if you have the allowed weight of chick peas that = 40g carbs, if you swap that for the 2 eggs, that's 2g of carbs, or go for chicken and that's 0g of carbs....!

    Then if you had a shake it's about 14g of carbs compared to a bar which is 24g....

    So ok, you should follow the book, but you should be mindful of your choice combinations, as you can see from the above how much of a difference that can make, and that difference is ketosis, as a guide try to limit your carbs to under 70p for ketosis, and that way you should see quicker results.

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    I thought I'd just throw in my two cents' worth. The week before last week, I foloowed the plan 100% and it wasnt my TOM or anything and I stayed the same and Im very heavy. However this weeks weigh in I have lost 6lbs and did exactly the same diet as I did the previous week.

    I kept to it, even though there was 0 loss, as have done this diet before and know sometimes its just like that.

    stick with it and i've not doubt you will be pleasently suprised.

    If still no loss in a few weeks then maybe then review your situation as like everything in life this diet isnt for everyone as we're all different.
  6. Thank you I feel a bit better about it now :) fingers crossed it comes off this week xx

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