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acai berry


Gone fishing
I'm afraid it's a major scam. In fact, they have even been known to steal before/after pictures from other people's blogs (including a member of minimins who lost weight with the Cambridge diet) to use to promote the the Acai diet :mad:
Gosh i totally agree about the 'order your free trial' scam with pics etc. which pops up with every search but there are alot of articles stating the health benefits of taking acai berry supplements. I've started today so will report back......


Gone fishing
but there are alot of articles stating the health benefits of taking acai berry supplements.
Written by the berry supplement folk mainly, and they are the biggest liars and scammers around. Huh, they even say that Oprah endorses them, which she doesn't. They steal, lie and plant articles everywhere.

As for the fruit, yes, there are health benefits similar to that of blueberries, bananas, pomegranates.

I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole myself, but best of luck with it anyway


Personal Trainer
I am a huge fan of the acai berry, but only its health benefits, it really is a superfood, but than so are aduki beans but you dont seem to see them on the internet..:confused:

Unfortunately they have no ingredients in them to help you with weight loss, it would all be mind related i am afraid, it has the same health benefits as any super food, or indeed any fruit.

let us know how you get on xx


Strutting her stuff
I think you need to ask why, if they are so good, GPs are not prescribing them to patients who need to lose weight, instead of Xenical and all it's associated side effects?


gunna be a fatty for ever
ive been sucked into this trap! thank fully i only bought them from a health foos store and not the free trial! Gosh its a major rip off! its about £70 per each month after the trial is over for both acai and the colon clense! i dint loose a single lb and had a massive head ache!

apparently there is not enough of g the berrys in each tablet as they are filled with other stuff to make the mg up to 1200. Also the acai berry looses its nutrients from the min they are picked so depends on when they were freeze dried!

let us know if it works for you tho!

love katie

I have also been looking at this product and have found Acai Berry and colon cleanse (500mg Acai) have you started it? How much did you pay? Has it worked?


gunna be a fatty for ever
no it did not work at all the colon clense tabs were huge and gave me a headache!

I wouldnt bother with them hun! Waste of money in my eyes. I spent about 35 quid on mine from ebay. they were the packets as the ones on the advertised sites!

From reading reveiws if u do go for the free trial they make it extreamly hard to cancel so beware

love katie!
I think the benefits of acai are in its antioxidant properties but we all know what a huge industry the diet pill market is and they will abuse anything to make money which is a shame because acai does have useful properties it just wont eat our fat cells for us
I agree that acai is a potent anti oxident with some great health benefits, it's a shame it has got tarnished with the weight loss pill brush, as everytime I see it advertised now I just think scam!
I have used acai when not dieting and felt they were well worth there none weightloss benefits

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