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I stopped going to the gym in December but am planning to start going back again this week, what difference,in your experience, has this made to your weight loss, has it noticeably quickened up? I am still feeling a bit wobbly and tired despite bing on day 12 but fortunately this seems to hit in the afternoon so going first thing after the school run should mean I should remain upright for the session :)
thank in anticipation
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Hi Lily, hope you are O.K.

I went back to the gym yesterday and found it fine. I am going to ease myself back into it slowly but I guess something is better than nothing. My LLC suggested gentle work out during the initial 100 days and she did say that the excersise and as much water as you can get down will speed up the weight loss. Anything that shifts the weight quicker is worth a try in my honest opinion..........;)


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Just to warn you guys... I'm now in my first week of Development, and all week I've been incredibly active, much more so than all of Foundation... yoga, dancing all night, lots of fast walking etc... and my weight loss actually slowed a bit. My LLC told me in the first week or two of increased activity that's often seen, so just a warning. The activity is undoubtedly GREAT for you, but the scales may not reflect it immediately. Keep doing it anyway!