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Accidental find.....



I will achieve 10 stone!!
mmmm. Sounds tasty! I had some Banana's that had black skins and I was about to chuck them in the bin and i thought I wonder if you can freeze banana. So i sliced them up as they were all ok inside, lined them on greaseproof paper with a gab between so they did not freeze together as one chunk. Left them all and froze them overnight. Next day took them out and mmm tasty snack. However they thaw fast and do not look appetising at all when doing so, so just take what you need. I then broke a few up and mixed with a couple of mullerlight yoghurts in my ice cream maker and i have free yummy ready to eat ice cream.


I will achieve 10 stone!!
Sure is!! Kids love it too. You can always just freeze the banana, break it up and then add 4 yoghurts to a tupperware tub and bang in the freezer. Be warned though its sets like a brick so you need to allow plenty of time for it to thaw. Also if doing it this way mix it a few times to stop ice crystals forming. If you want an extra treat crush a fun size bag of maltesers (21.5g i think) and sprinkle in. This is 5.5 syns but you can get 4 good portions so not that bad!!


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mmm Think I'm going to make some yoghurt icecream tomorrow with fresh strawberries and bananas and the best thing is its completely free!


Now to maintain.....
isnt it fab when you find something you like like that and its free!!
cant make up my mind wether to try ot or not!!

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