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acid reflux


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Recently been suffering with this got told 2 weeks ago got tablets for 2months just wondering what type of foods best to eat? What to avoid? N also how often to eat a day and at what times? Only been told to eat less but more often ... also anyone knows what helps deal with acid reflux etc? many thanks everyone xxx
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Don't suffer from it myself but do know that it helps if you don't drink anything, including water, with meals. If you leave a gap of at least an hour either side of eating, it's supposed to help. Well, at least it's free! Alcohol, smoking and food with high fat content can trigger it too, hope this helps
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Citrus foods don't help, also I find things like spraying air fresheners, or even the plug in ones can make it worse for some reason! I don't know whether ur meant to, but i sip milk which seems to help.


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I always find that yoghurt helps me when I've got acid reflux, as well as (as a last resort) a dose of bicarb.

I do find that anything with apples in makes it worse for me, but that might be because I like very sharp apples...so it's probably the acid.
I suffer from this big time.:(

Things that help me:
Losec/omperazole or ranitidine/zantac(not both)
Sleep on an extra pillow
Leave a good long gap after eating before exercising or doing housework

Things that make it worse:
Eating late
Eating too much
Being overweight
Alcohol especially fizzy
Fizzy drinks
Spicy food
Fatty food

Although that lot may sound like life is spoiled it isn't. I tend to find something will trigger it and then I do all of the above and then it settles and I can live more normally but I take the medicine all the time regardless,
Hope some of that is useful and that you get relief from it.

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