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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Juliewoo, 27 November 2009.

  1. Juliewoo

    Juliewoo Well-Known Member


    I have done a search & seen quite a few of you have bought them a while ago.

    I've a few questions.....

    Do you still use it?
    Do you use it for other things other than chips?
    Can you make things in sauce with it? ie cook chichen then add a tin of toms & some veggies etc.
    Is it worth the money?

    I'm thinking of getting one, but don't want to waste the money if it's a one hit wonder.


  2. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Well-Known Member

    I got mine a few days ago, and so far have cooked sausages, stir fry, mushrooms, chips & roast potatoes in it!
  3. atchonblimp21

    atchonblimp21 Well-Known Member

    We have had ours for a while now, and we still use it loads, even if it's just for the lush chips, specially sweet potato chips. Yummy, we haven't tried much else. But might now :) xx
  4. suepat10

    suepat10 I am one of the 63336

    I've had mine around a year and still use it once a week at least
  5. Juliewoo

    Juliewoo Well-Known Member

    I've just thought, could you cut potatoes, carrots parsnips etc really thinly (with a mandolin?) and ust the actifry to make root veg crisps. Would it work just spraying with frylight so they would be syn free??

  6. miss_emmajane

    miss_emmajane Well-Known Member

    Yes, you spray them with fry light rather than putting the spoon of oil in and they are syn free. AND gorgeous might I add!!! :D
  7. miss_emmajane

    miss_emmajane Well-Known Member

    My parents got got one about two months ago and I use it about 5 times a week to make syn free chips - they are gorgeous when made in there and are so easy - no microwaving/boiling before putting them in the oven. You just chop, spray and leave =D
  8. Juliewoo

    Juliewoo Well-Known Member

    I've just been looking on the net for the cheapest place to buy one & I came across reviews, saying they catch on fire :confused::confused: has anyone has this happen :cry:

  9. Alcoholiday

    Alcoholiday Well-Known Member

    Ours blew up but didn't catch on fire, apparently they are fire proof so no worries there lol.

    All I can say is, it is probably one of the best investments we have purchased in our slimming world journey. We use it practically every day.
  10. babs

    babs Well-Known Member

    We bought ours months ago from COSTCO. They were bt £50 cheaper han the other places. I have only cooked chips in it, sprayed with FRYLIGHT, so synfree. Use it bt once a week.
  11. Honeyoc

    Honeyoc Is a crunchy mama!

    I'm probably in the minority here but I think it's a bit gimmicky. For every gadget invented, you probably already have a more versatile alternative in your kitchen. I wouldn't buy an actifry because there's nothing I can cook in it that I can't cook in my oven! I just think what's the point? With SW chips I never parboil or microwave first, just cut the potatoes, spray and bake. Comes out fabulous everytime!
    I do have to say that I hate clutter, and gadgets in general don't get me excited :D
    Last edited: 27 November 2009
  12. smoomoo

    smoomoo Well-Known Member

    what are they?
  13. evanesco

    evanesco I'm the tortoise.

    Actifry It's a low fat chip pan basically. I use mine almost daily and especially on Sundays when I do roast carrots, potatoes, parsnip and suede with my Sunday roast. I'd be lost without it now. I could never get my SW chips to cook right in the oven, but in here, delicious.
  14. StaceyUK

    StaceyUK Well-Known Member

    I always forget about this and then someone starts a thread and I remember it again but I'm too cheap to buy one! Maybe a friend will club in with me for it and we can share joint custody and each have it for alternate months! LOL
  15. StaceyUK

    StaceyUK Well-Known Member

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