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I got one on Monday I've had yummy roasties and chips tonight, chips weren't great but that was the potatoes.


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Search this forum, there have been quite a few posts about the Actifry :)

Ours is in use everyday, mainly for chips, however we plan to be more adventurous with it in the new year.


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had mine for 2 months and love it.. and i love the chips.. i use fry lights , put in 2 spoons of it if i am feeling really naughty, with a pinch of salt .... gorgeous .. and so easy! dont bother to peel the spuds, just whack them all in, press start, come back in 40 mins! elish! wish i hadnt hummed and harrred for nearly a year before buying one.. only reason i didnt was cuase my mum said she had read poor reviews... and b#gger me.. if SHE didnt go out and get one a week after she had seen mine and eaten the chips from it!