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Activia Fat free yogurt


Strutting her stuff
Oh you are going to get people worried there! The fat free ones are all free except for the peach one and that includes the snackpots - says so in the magazine


Strutting her stuff
Does anyone have any idea why Activia Fat Free Peach yogurt sometimes has syns and sometimes is free?? I am avoiding peach flavour at the moment...
Why avoid them if you like it?
They are only half a syn so it is not going to break the syn bank! :D

All I can think of is that it has Fructose, or fruit sugar in it and the others do not have it listed
Are the snackpots definitely free? I'm doing Extra Easy and eat them all the time. Don't like peach, so don't eat those ones, but i eat every other.
Can anyone check for me if the peach danone fat free yogs are still 1/2 syn each for 165g pot?

Can't find anything more recent than this!

I know it's only half a syn but I'm a teeny bit annoyed as if I'd known, I would have picked another flavour! Sods law eh?!

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