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Activia Fat Free

I second that, they are delicious! I can't believe they're free, I had the raspberry one. Yummy! I normally have shape fuller for longer strawberry/raspberry but the activia ones were much more filling and a lot creamier x
Tonight they were 69p each or 4 for £2 at Sainsbury's, or 69p each or 6 for £2 at Tesco - guess where we bought ours!!!

They are certainly MY favourites at present, especially the raspberry one, though I certainly WON'T pay 69p each in the future when the offer ends - no idea when that will be, so stock up now!

As someone else suggested, wish they did a vanilla one...
I love them too. In fact after getting fed up with muller lights I got shape fuller for longer too, I like the strawberry ones but the others tasted too much of artificial sweetner. But the activia ones are gorgeous, just like a pudding if you have it with frozen sugar free jelly mmm
To be honest, if it really does stop me feeling bloated then I'll splash out the 69p for at least one each day! Aren't there supposed to be the 4-pack smaller ones tto, or don't they do fat-free of those?
I only have the Activia fat free ones. All the flavours are yummy. I don't like Mullers at all, I find them a bit synthetic tasting so never buy them.
The fat free ones come in the smaller pots, too. Four to a pack, usually. Do check that you are getting fat free as the packaging for the others is similar - there is a little blue flash on the pack, saying fat free. There are usually peach, raspberry, and vanilla available in my Waitrose. There is also a mixed pack, but that usually has black cherry in it, which I don't like.

At the moment Waitrose has a different mixed pack of eight small ones which includes pineapple, mango, vanilla and peach They are all very nice.

I haven't tried the larger pots yet, but if they are that cheap in Tesco then I will get some as I have to go there later today.
I bought a few Activia Fat Free in the 175g size. (Strawberry, Raspberry, Apricot flavours) in Tesco....... are these the ones that are Free. They are definitlely Fat Free but it says in small writing on the pot "Fat Free yougurt with fruit, sugar & sweetners".
They are gorgeous so I hope I am right in thinking that these are the FREE ones.
thanks :)
Yipee !!!! heading back to Tesco today to get more ....... hope they have the Cherry ones. Thanks I love this forum :)
Went to Tesco and Waitrose today. They both do the big ones, but Tesco has six for £2 and Waitrose four for £2. Oddly, the price if you only bought one was 1p cheaper in Waitrose!!

Both have the four-pack smaller ones at 2 for £3. I didn't notice the Tesco price for the eight-pack, but Waitrose is £2.95.

I will definitely be getting the Activia larger ones while they are so cheap as I always thought the smaller ones were a little stingy as a pudding, although fine for breakfast.

I will still get Mullerlights for recipes, though, like yogurty jelly, or mousse.


Lover of Extra Easy
Activia - one word.....FANTASIC!!
I have been eating loads this week.. I normally have 2 small pots a day but have been eating much more thanks to the Tesco specials.
As I mentioned before, they are the only things that keep me regular and wind free and even may be responsible to my bigger weight loss this week!
I love Muller Lights but Activia is much nicer and richer tasting!
Yogurty Jelly .... yumm, I like the sound of that. Is the recipe on the SW website? tks :)
It's what I make when I can't be bothered with whisking to make a mousse! Not really a recipe as such, but it's nice.

I just make up a sugar free jelly with 1/2 pint boiling water, let it cool but not set, then stir in a "matching" Mullerlight. Mandarin yogurt with orange jelly, Cranberry & Raspberry with raspberry jelly, etc. Or whatever takes your fancy.

Stir it round until it is evenly mixed, add a little cold water if the mixture doesn't come up to the pint mark on the jug, and just let it set as normal. It makes a sort of milky jelly and I really like it.

I haven't tried it with Activia and I think it might be a bit thick to mix in properly.

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