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Activity Points


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do you not have a copy of the paper calculator that you get week 3 I think from class? Activity points are based on your weight, level of exertion and time spent.
I use a heart rate monitor and translate 80cals earned to 1point, but I have no idea if this right. I don't eat them anyway, so I don't really mind!


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I have the paper thingamabob but I do loads of walking over the course of the day and its hard to work that out in time etc. I wear a pedometer that works out calories burned though which is why I was wondering if there was an accurate guide that way
I have a ww ped, and its kinda complicated. IT works out how many steps you need to take before you begin earning activity points. Its individual to you, depending on your weight. Mine is 6000 and something or other. After that I start earning points. When I get up to 10,000, I earn 1.5 points.


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I lost my ww ped and now have the Omron walking style II it calculates steps and also aerobic steps and gives you your calories burned.
I also have a ww ped and I earn 6.5 AP everyday but never have them as I know I lose slow,I will want to use some when I get lower or il be on very little points. Hopefully someone will come along and be able to answer you xx


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A few people have said that a good rule of thumb for activity points is 1 point per 100 calories burned off

does anyone know if this is right? I never eat my activity points because I worry I haven't worked them out right
It also depends on your weight etc too.

Play around with it a wee bit and find where you should mark on the wee calculator thing that comes with the WW pack. I think I have mine quiet accurate now for walking, cycling and jogging.

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