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Activity points

you dont have to use them if you dont want to and you dont feel you need to. I use mine :)
I asked the same question about PP for a shred work out on the WW forum and I was advised its about 200 calories and 3pp's it doesn't seem a lot :-(

I am also doing shred I did my first night last night - how are you feeling ?

on old points my program tells me 2 points for shred
Today I could hardly move!! That's me in from work now and I am going to attempt it again tonight, but as I am struggling to even walk I'm not sure how much I will manage! How are you feeling?
I don't think I'm going to take the points for it bit if I ever do not sure to take 2 or 3pp
I am ok, aching a lot. I managed to do day 2, although I didn't really manage to push ups but I did everything else. I've had a shower and the aches are starting to kick in, I do feel really good when I complete it.

How are you after tonights session



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I run 4 times a week no run is under 3miles and i never use any activity points :)
I run 4 times a week no run is under 3miles and i never use any activity points :)
Ok, well I wont be earning nearly as much as you do so I will be fine not taking them. ;)

Joanne, I managed last nights one fine, was strange, I was so sore during the day yesterday but when I started doing the DVD the aches went away then came back with a vengance after I finished! lol. Today I dont feel any better than I did yesterday, but certainly dont feel any worse. I am definately doing it again tonight, just wish it wasnt after a 12 hour shift! lol. How are you feeling today? :p
Hi Littlemizz, I have done day 3 and I did 20 mins on the cross trainer, most of my aches are in my stomach and the tops of my legs, I'm sure they are less than they have been.

Hope your ok after your long shift

Well I managed it last night after my shift and again this morning before work!! Feeling very proud of myself that I have managed four in a row and today I am less sore!!
Hope you are doing well
Day 4 check and 25 mins on the cross trainer, I'm starting to look forward to the clocks changing so I can start a bit of running



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Brilliant hun :)

Does anyone know how we calculate activity points then?
Kinda thinking im needing to use them especially on days when i do my long runs. Yesterday i only ate around 1000 cals as i burnt off 850ish doing a 7miler.

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