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Step 1 Sole Source add a meal?


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Quite often it is suggested to move up a step if weight loss has stalled for a few weeks. Though 400 calories seems a bit arbitrary, why not suggest moving to 810 or SS+? Either way it may kick start your metabolism a bit more. I wouldn't take this step though if it had only been one weeks loss that was bad.
I agree with Chlo, that's not really necessary - you've had a week where you've 'only' lost 2lbs. That's actually entirely normal and nothing to worry about. Usually smaller losses are followed by larger than expected losses the following week. We just don't lose similar sized amounts of weight every week.

Edited to add:
If I'm reading your posts right, you've lost 22lbs in 5 weeks?
Week 1 - 6lb
Week 2 - 4lb
Week 3 - 6lb
Week 4 - 4lb
Week 5 - 2lb

Honestly, I can't see any need to start adding in a meal. :)
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Thanks both, for taking the time to reply to this, not sure now :/
What was your start weight? Was it 12st 5lbs or is that what you weigh now?
And I take it you're not 4ft 1? Maybe you are. :)

How close to a BMI of 25 are you now? The closer to goal you get the slower the weight loss unfortunately.
Lol! no sometimes i feel that small, but in reality Im 5 1. So I think bmi is around 28 or so. Its been a few days since ive been on here, and to tell you the truth I havent added a meal every day. The first night I went a bit mad and posted on here about it, but went back to 100% the next day, then had only two hb eggs the day after that, and the same the next day, today I havent had anything extra. Im not that bothered and a wee bit worried that if i start wont have the control to say no more, like I did the first day. For me the whole reason why I went on cambridge was to take the choice out. It actually worries me a little bit about putting the choice back in..hows everyone else doing today? :D

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