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Addicted to my treadmill

makes me laugh ....I used to be into running ect when I was at school and all these years I used to think ...how did I fit so much exercise in back in the day !!

I realise why... I love competing...everyday I challenge myself and I am now addicted to my treadmill lol....wether thats a good thing or a bad thing but I actually look forward in waking up so I can jump on it...

I have only had it a week and was just doing a weightloss/aerobic workout on it then started adding a mile walk onto it...well today I did my ifit weightloss which covers just over a mile.....then I decided to do 2 miles extra and I was so chuffed at my time I done another 1 mile ontop...I was shocked that I put it to 5.5mph and even did running omg I feel so good today...if not a bit jelly like in the legs but I can feel muscles that must of thought they were on a holiday !!

I feel like a tube of Pringles...once I pop I can't stop lol

Sorry about rambling but i just can't believe how different I feel :):)
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Boo.!! i wish i had a treadmill im sure i would feel the same. As when you have done workout you do feel loads better when you have done it..also it makes you feel slimmer doing workouts or treadmill.

well done Boo. for working so hard.
Thank you Autumn :)
Hope your well ? How's life treating u Hun ? :)


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Go booboo!! I must admit, I like the treadmill at the gym, especially the one right in front of the TV screen, so I can watch the videos instead of watching the clock ticking! I've not got the guts to jog on it yet, I'll do that on a day when I'm on my own in the gym!! I'll stick with a fast walk on an incline until then!!

Once that exercise bug hits, its great!!! I've never been caught by it before, but now it's got me good and proper!!
I told Daz I'm gonna put a screen up. Lol. Although where we live it's nice to put my music up full blast and pound away lol
Passiflora I'm glad you got the fitness bug too watch it everyone it could be catching ha ha
Rach it's a shame you haven't got 1 my hip is so much better ATM n I feel so alive now ....thank you everyone :)
I am addicted to your treadmill installer lol.
Good on ya for enjoying it hun, must make a hell of a difference to see it as fun rather than a chore
lmao Shell thats so funny.....hope your well :)

I have set myself a target and I have to beat the day befores 3 miler lol....was 1st day yesterday doing this ontop of my weightloss ifit card.....and I finished 3 miles in 52 minutes.....so today I finished it in 47.50 my legs are like jelly and yes I would love custard with that lol...
it really is amazing what a difference there is in a week.....i love it....hope Daz sees a difference when he comes home on Friday lol

I have upped my exercise ....I do my 20 minute ifit weightless programme on the treadmill and then a further 3 miles at speeds varying from 3.5, 3.7, 4.5, 5.5 mph

I can feel such a difference in my energy levels and that my lungs are able to cope ...I haven't used my asthmas inhaler in a week now so i'm chuffed :):)

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