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Adding a meal?


My husband = My hero
Hello my lovelies!

So I'm coming up to the dreaded AAM week and to be honest i cant think of anything more horrendous!!!

Is it absolutely necessary???

And did anyone find it really hard going back to ss after??

I'm bot supposed to be eatin over Christmas at all but if my CDC says I have to AAM then it looks like il be eating Christmas proteins :( :(

Do all cdc's make you AAM? Could I tell a little fib??

I would ideally LOVE to ss until end of Jan
When hubster is coming home then 2 weeks off then SS until mid April to get to goal!!

God I'm so worried about eatin it's pathetic sorry!!

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My husband = My hero
P.s did I mention U DONT WANT TO EAT?!!!! lol xx
LovelyLauren said:
P.s did I mention U DONT WANT TO EAT?!!!! lol xx
LOL, yep, I think most of us felt like that. But yes, you do need to do it and all CWPCs will/should make you do it as it's in them rules. :)

Best way to approach AAM? Don't think of it as eating. View it in the same way as having a shake - something you've got to have whether you like it or not.

You'll be fine, promise! x x


My husband = My hero
Thanks Lil!!

Glad I'm not the only neurotic one lol - that's an excellent approach seeing it as a shake and more like you have to have all your sachets and so have to add this extra bit of protein etc!!

Oooh god I hope iv got the self restrain and dot head straight for the takeaway - bloody rules lol

It is a recommendation by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence that you do not follow a VLCD for more than 12 weeks without a break , hence why CD introduced AAM week . When I did Lipotrim ( another vlcd) they did not follow this recommendation and you could SS continuously for as long as you want and right down to BMI of about 21 .
All CDC's are supposed to tell you to do 810 for this week , although I know of some who tell their clients to do SS+ ( which is sillly really as its still VLC ) .
I do think that you should do it , although I know exactly how you are feeling , my CDC wants me to do 810 now but I am mainly SSing as I find it harder to control , although I know I need to learn to control it .
That said I am sure there are some people that tell their CDC that they are doing 810 when they continue on SS , and there is no way of your CDC knowing . Although there is also some feeling that the AAM week can boost your losses and kick start your metabolism to keep loosing a good amount .

I hope you make the decision thats best for you :)


My husband = My hero
Thanks hunni

Its bizarre 3 months ago and all I did was eat - consciously - subconsciously you name
It I ate it!

Goodness 810 seems like a huge step away!

Yeah I did LT and soul sourced to loose 4 stone and there was never a mention of adding food it's was a big no no people were even obsessig over their toothpaste!!

I think I'm going to have to hVe a good chat with my CDC she may even have some sort of meal plan ideas - if it's regimented i know i won't stray so i think alot of planning and having it written down on the fridge and i can tick the days off sort of thing!

God il be desperate to get to the end of day 7 lol

Seeing her Monday anyway will see what she says!

Im hoping it does kick start metabolism that would be wonderful!

Plus I can take my excercise up a notch so nay loose more lol imagine!!

Thanks so much ladies xxxxx
Look at the weeks I have eaten just protein hun - still had the same losses.

You will be fine I KNOW you will xx and you won't eat carbs - I'm not even tempted to eat carbs. I am still sticking to my proteins as much as possible and still feel as if I'm in ketosis (going to poas tonight to test) x
Its my AAM week next week Lauren - but I'm ignoring it - I know I shouldn't but with Christmas and all its going to be easier for me to stay SS. I just can't take the risk that I will pick and spoil it - or worse not get back to it afterwards. I still have too far to go! I have discussed it with my CDC and she told me the official stuff but then confessed she did exactly the same - and for the same reasons and it worked for her.

Hope whatever you do works for you ;-)
maybe try having the same meal every day hun that may help ? I am meant to be on 810 but been more SS+ and had king prawns everyday this week ( they are on offer in tesco ) I find it easier to just eat the prawns and a couple of raw mushrooms than cooking and eating different things :)
I eat loads of prawns too :)
My CDC told me I had to do an AAM week, but I basically told her I understood that she had to, but that I wasn't going to do it. I should have had mine at the end of November, but instead I'm having it at the end of December, to include Christmas. It works for me, and makes me happy. I'd do whatever feels comfortable for you.


Slowly but surely x
proteins and green veg, babes!
Chicken, fish and spinach and brocolli and spring greens - maybe an egg.
Serve it on a side plate too so your plate looks fuller ;)
It can up your weight loss in following weeks to do the 810. It's not a bad thing to have the 810 week. It used to be every 4th week a few years ago!


My husband = My hero
Thankyou all so so much for your wonderful support and experiences!!

I'm still completely baffled lol but will be going to see er tomorrow!!

Those who i have seen do 810 etc have proved weight loss is still wonderful

It's the worry of not being able to get back on ss that worrie me

My goal is so absolutely woserful - I can't get out my head I'm going to stuff my face for the next 4 months pile it all back on PLUS MORE and be completely humiliated at Peter's homecoming

Imagine me stood there in a potato sack as that's all that would fit me!!!

you won't stuff your face. i think the very fact that you are worried and thinking about it is proof that you will not do it.

all of my losses, except the first week, this time round has been on the 810 as my bmi was to close to normal to be on the low ss plan for long.

just look on it as part of the diet, part of re-educating yourself. you will get straight back to ss after the 810 week and you will have a very good loss that first ss week back on the low plan. just stick to quick and easy food. i always seem to get stuck in a rut as i want quick easy food so tend to buy the small 300g tubs of cottage cheese and the packs of salad and i just whack this on my plate. i'm just very lazy which is why i tend to not want to wait to eat and when you have to wait i end up snacking!

just view you meal as part of your diet plan!
hun look at me - have I stuffed my face ? god you know how obsessed I am with carbs lol .. I promise you you won't even want to look at carbs cos you know what they will do promise promise - and I know cos you are me lolol

xxx just do SS+ and have a iccle protein meal you'll love it and you'll still lose weight probably the same - I never ever lost any different - look at that 9 days I did SS for I lost the same as on a SS+ week didn't I ?? xx

you'll make the right decision - you have my full support whatever you decide to do x

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