Hello! Newbie here who is stuck near the finishing line...


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Hi everybody! I'm new to these forums but have been a long-time lurker. I just wanted to share a little bit about my story and hopefully get some inspiration of you guys.

I'm a 22 y/o male and an absolute glutton at heart. I have a huge appetite and am always cooking for family and friends - and I used to average 1 or 2 takeaways a week. In December 2017, I returned home for Christmas to a few "you've put a bit of weight on comments" when I knew people were being kind really - I'd been fortunate to eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight until recently where I really piled on the pounds.

After Christmas, I weighed myself and on 10 January I was 14st 10lbs - the heaviest I've ever been. I started to follow Slimming World from home, using a friend's old book as my hours at work didn't permit me to go to group. I was really impressed with the SW plan and by 10 April I was 12st 12lbs (25lbs loss). Ultimately, my goal is to be around 11st 8lbs. This was the weight I was a few years ago where I felt really confident in myself.

Anyway, in the past few weeks I have changed jobs, moved house and my motivation really has taken a dip. I keep allowing myself some "treats" in the form of a takeaway, or some chocolate more often than not and have fluctuated around the 13st mark for about 3 weeks now. I think part of the problem is that I feel so much more confident with the weight I have already lost, I don't look in the mirror and feel disgusted at what is looking back at me - which was partly the motivation for me losing.

I go on holiday beginning of August and would LOVE to shift another stone by then - I know I can do it as I've been really good at staying on plan before I just can't understand why I'm finding this final part a shift.

I'm debating starting to attend a group now I work more sociable hours, but is it worth it if I only want to lose another stone? Will the consultant recognise the weight loss I've already achieved myself at home?

Just wanted some suggestions/support/guidance really!

Thanks everybody :)
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Go for it, I’d never have the motivation to stay on plan were it not for group. They’re so flexible nowadays with shift workers and antisocial hours and don’t charge for weeks missed due to work. You’ll have a one to one with the consultant when you join so you can let them know all about your journey up until now and they’ll help you focus on your target and get you back on track. Good luck!