adkins bars some questions


popped over form the cambridge forum, hoping to supplement either cambridge or exante (may do once cambridge stuff has run out) with adkins bars.
Are Adkins bars classed more as a snack than a meal replacement(vitamins, minerals etc...) i don't want to compromise my ketosis but adkins bars are easy to get hold of and the flavours are much more yummy than cambridge bars.
what else is the main factor - can't get my head around this carbs/net carbs business.
have compared an adkins to a cranberry crunch cambridge.

any help/pointers much appreciated


Kcal 207
Protein 18g
Carbohydrates 16g – 3.1g net carbs
Fat 9.4g of which saturates 5g
Fibre 9.6g,
Sodium 0.19g


kcal 174
Protein 12.4g
Carbohydrate 15.1g - of which sugars 10.8g
polyols 1.1g
starch 1.3g
Fat 5.8g of which saturates 3.3g
Fibre 7.2g
Sodium 0.2g
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I was going to mention the polyols in Atkins bars but if Cambridge diet has 11.9g of alcohols and real sugar combined then it shouldn't be a problem.

I think the Atkins day break bars are more snack bars and the Advantage bars are more meal replacements and they have added vitamins/minerals that day break bars don't have.

If you try the Atkins bars, I recommend the marshmallow mudslide (which I haven't had since I started Atkins because I don't overly trust sugar alcohols). That said, i've ordered some choco perfection bars which are supposed to be very good.

Edit: The net carbs is the digestible carbs, the only ones you need to count apparently. It's said they don't raise blood sugar levels and promote an insulin response but we've heard differently from some diabetics.
Thanks very useful information, i can't see that much difference in the 2.

It was the advantage i was looking at for a more complete meal/snack

thanks again


I really want to know the same thing .

Have you tried supplementing the bar's before ?
Did it effect your weight loss ?

Have you tried the atkins tetra style drinks ?

How do they compare with the cambridge ones ?
I LIVE on the chocolate tetras !

I have can not see a lot of difference on the package labels ,
The only concern I have , is that they do not market the drinks in the same way that cambridge market the ss plan , ie all the vitamins you needs are in the packs


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Atkins products aren't supposed to be used in this way. As I understand it they're acceptable meal replacements now and then but not intended to replace all your meals, not to say some people might not try it but I don't know anyone who has.


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Have you tried the atkins tetra style drinks ?

I have a milk chocolate tetra daily as part of the whole plan. I wouldn't recommend living on them as they don't contain the essential fats you need (they do contain Omega 6, but not Omega 3). They also don't have the vitamins and minerals in them that CD shakes have.

You could get away with using 3-4 per day, an Omega 3 supplement and a mineral supplement but it's probably as expensive as the proper CD to do that. I highly recommend the Atkins plan as he gives it in his book. I've done the shakes thing before and it's a lot nicer sitting down to fried eggs and bacon or steak and some green veg with added butter. It can seem daunting at first and shakes take away that initial 'what do I eat?!?!?' feeling but have a look through the what are we eating today thread and you'll see loads of ideas. Also ask any questions! :)

Edit: Sorry I just read your diary and see you're a low carb veteran!


Thanks for the info , I hadnt noticed the omega 3 was missing , I had an idea something had to be different .

The atkins eating plan isnt really suitable for me as I'm vegetarian , so would have to live on nuts and pulses :rolleyes: .....not good !

and although I understand that the VLCD arent really for the long term .
It seems to be working for me at the moment and its the ONLY diet that I've managed to stick to 100% , as i cant have ANY food its very hard to cheat myself .

Your doing great on it , Hope it continues to work so well for you :jelous: