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  1. Jayellekay

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    As part of my Beck work I have been reading through this site to see what everyone's motivators for weight loss are. To help me focus, I listed all benefits of weightloss that I had found posted by other people, that applied to me. I wrote them in my diary, but in case this list helps anyone else - I have included it here too.

    (I have 'borrowed' a lot of these from different people's posts - hope you don't mind - but I thought it might be useful to see them all in the same place!)

    If you have any others we can add to the list - please post!!

    - I'll have more confidence
    - I'll feel happier when I look in the mirror
    - I'll feel in control
    - I won't feel so self-conscious
    - I'll feel more optimistic
    - I'll be less self-critical
    - I'll make a better impression on people
    - I'll be more willing to make life changes
    - I'll be less inhibited about my body
    - I won't feel the need to eat secretively
    - I’ll feel fabulous on my wedding day
    - I'll feel as if I have accomplished something important
    - I'll do more things in public (swimming/dancing)
    - I’ll feel at peace with myself
    - I’ll feel that I am in control of food and not the other way around
    - I’ll feel proud of myself for getting to goal
    - I’ll be able to walk down the street/into a room and not feel everyone is judging me on my size
    - I’ll feel like I am worthy
    - I’ll spend my time living, not worrying about how much I weigh and what I am eating.
    - I’ll have the old me back!
    - I’ll feel amazing
    - I’ll feel good when I go out
    - I’ll feel good in a bikini
    - I’ll look myself in the mirror and smile
    - I’ll be happier
    - My OH will be proud to have me on his arm
    - I’ll be able to walk into any shop, see an outfit I love and KNOW they will have one that fits me
    - I’ll improve my self-esteem
    - I’ll be able to go into any shop and be able to buy whatever I want and like as opposed to just something that fits & looks remotely half-decent
    - People will be able to say “wow you’re stunning,” rather than “but you’ve got a really pretty face!”
    - I’ll have proven to myself that I can achieve a goal I have set myself
    - I won’t feel like I am being judged because of my weight
    - I’ll surprise old friends in a good way, not in a “wow didn't she get fat” way
    - I won’t panic, hide or try and avoid the occasions when someone brings out a camera
    - I’ll begin to take photos, so I have a good record of memories for the future
    - I’ll look forward to nights out because I have a million gorgeous things to wear
    - My relationship will improve as I will be more confident
    - I’ll go on holidays and not have to worry about not fitting in a plane seat / be able to get the belt around me
    - I’ll be able to dance on tables and not worry I’m going to break them!

    Look Good
    - I'll feel happier when I look in the mirror
    - I'll look better and more attractive
    - I'll get more compliments
    - I'll be able to wear smaller clothes
    - I'll fit into more fashionable clothes
    - I’ll be able to wear lovely clothes
    - I’ll look fabulous on my wedding day
    - I’ll look and feel good in lovely vintage dresses
    - I'll be able to buy fancy new underwear
    - I’ll be able to shop in young, trendy shops
    - I'll enjoy trying on clothes
    - I’ll re-discover my love for clothes and shopping
    - I will look good in a bikini
    - I’ll be able to wear a mini skirt with pride

    - I will be healthier
    - I'll feel better physically
    - I'll be more energetic
    - I'll have stamina
    - I'll be at less risk of type 2 diabetes
    - I’ll have conquered my food demons
    - I’ll not be a slave to food!!!
    - I will have a Healthy BMI
    - I will be able to run around
    - I won't share any bad food habits with my future family

    - I won’t have to cover up with cardigans and long sleeves when its hot
    - I’ll be able to sit on a chair with arms
    - I’ll feel comfortable in the bath
    - I’ll be able to easily wrap a towel around me
    - I’ll be confident a dressing gown will do up
    - I will be able to walk down a train carriage without turning sideways
    - I’ll easily be able to put my handbag on my shoulder
    - I'll feel more comfortable eating in front of other people
    - I’ll be able to open my wardrobe and choose to wear anything I like and know that it will fit.
    - I won’t have to squeeze into clothes that don’t fit
    - I’ll be able to do anything and go anywhere without worrying that I won’t fit / feel uncomfortable
    - I’ll feel comfortable in my skin
    - I’ll no longer be the fat friend
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  3. sasha63

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    meal replacement
    what a fabulous post JLK l can relate to everything said there, and l will be refering back to it when l feel a cheat coming on, thanks for posting this :D:D:D:D:D
  4. Bethuk1

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    Cambridge Diet SS
    Wow It's quite sad how we all have the same worries and issues everyday! It's almost as if we put off living our lives because we're so ashamed of ourselves! NO MORE!! I definitely want to spend the rest of my life living it to the max and making the most of our short time on this earth! I've often had that thought that I'd rather be fat and happy (happy to eat whatever I like :p!!)…but I have to remind myself that yep I could resign myself to be fat but I would be so so so far from being truly happy!

    Some main incentives for me is my health, I want to have more babies and have healthy pregnancies, I don't want to have bad asthma anymore (which has got so much worse since I got to my top weight), Sciatica which I've suffered for years, knees that constantly dislocate and buckle under my weight, bad skin…so many reasons!! x
  5. LOLL2011

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    Great post!!! Just a shame so many of uz feel like this but i guess it shows that were not alone in thinking like that about ourselves. Will be looking at this again when i have my bad days :) good luck everyone x
  6. Surfhunny

    Surfhunny Laugh in the face of food

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    Cambidge Diet
    Fab post!!
  7. paul1978

    paul1978 DO NOT QUIT !

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    Great post. All the above reasons I can definately relate to.

    I am currently doing this as well.

    One more thing I want to add to it is that I want to lose all my excess weight so I can play more with my almost-2 year old daughter.
  8. Emma1904

    Emma1904 Working on it

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    I've been toying about sharing these with other people or not but as I see we are all pretty much feeling the same I have decided too... some of them are really personal so this is a bit of a big step for me!

    I read this list at 10:30 every single morning and every time I achieve one of my reasons it makes me feel good.


    1. To look better.
    2. To be healthier.
    3. To run around the park with my son.
    4. To fit on the slide at the soft play centre.
    5. To wear my summer dress.
    6. To be ill instead of ill because I’m overweight.
    7. To have my boobs bigger than my belly again.
    8. To be able to run walk up two flights of stairs carrying my son.
    9. To be able to walk into any high street store and buy clothes.
    10. To wear strappy sandals.
    11. To get bras anywhere.
    12. To wear a swimming costume and look ok in it.
    13. To wear my wedding dress with pride.
    14. To have a baby.
    15. To meet OH's friends without worrying about embarrassing her.
    16. To wear my seatbelt in the car comfortably.
    17. To get knee high boots.
    18. To have my haircut look better around my face.
    19. To see the look on a few people’s faces.
    20. To sit in a seat comfortably at the cinema.
    21. To wear wellyboots.
    22. To like my bum.
    23. To be confident in myself.
    24. To reduce anxiety when on my own.
    25. To help get rid of my paranoia.
    26. To be able to wear sexy lingerie and feel good. ;)
    27. To reduce the arthritis in my knees.
    28. To be able to sit in chairs with arms.
    29. To be able to paint my toe nails.
    30. To wear my black and white diamond ring.
    31. To be able to run for a bus.
    32. To be able to eat without thinking people are looking at me.
    33. To be able to say I’m hungry without thinking that people are thinking I’m just fat.
    34. To be able to sit comfortably in public.
    35. To look better in pictures.
    36. To get the right attention.
    37. To be able to wear shorts.
    38. To not be the ‘fat’ one in a group of friends.
    39. To be able to do the moonlight marathon in 2012.
    40. To be able to get through a work out on the kinnect without having to take a break.
    41. To do the couch to 5k challenge.
    42. To wear my bedroom shoes. ;)
    43. To be able to walk around Our local lake in one go in the summer.
    44. To get a fake tan.
    45. To feel like I’m worth looking after.
    46. To reduce any chance of getting bigger.
    47. To be able to fit in an aeroplane seat.
    48. To go to a theme park and fit on the rides.
    49. To go dancing.
    50. To take up Pilates.
    51. To be able to walk through tables without having to ask people to move.
    52. To be able to cross my legs.
    53. To be able to use a public toilet without having to sit sideways because of the sanitary bin.
    54. To be able to put the lap table down completely on an aeroplane.
    55. To not be singled out for the sturdy big chair when with a group of people.
    56. To be able to fit on the little chairs at nursery.
    57. To be able to ride a bike.
    58. To hear a wolf whistle and know it could be for me.
    59. To not have to go straight to the back of a clothes rail to see how big the clothes go.
    60. For someone other than my OH to tell me I’m sexy and not that I have a pretty face.
    61. To sit on a patio chair.
    62. To be able to fit through a turnstile properly.
    63. To not weigh more than most of my male friends.
    64. To be able to get out of the car in a tight parking space.
    65. To be able to get up off of the floor gracefully.
    66. To be able to tie my shoe laces.
    67. To be able to put my socks on with no effort.
    68. To be able to fit in the bath.
    69. To be able to drain the bath all at once.
    70. To be able to hear another insult instead of your short and fat.
    71. To feel comfortable in bed.
    72. To be able to get out of bed easily in the morning.
    73. To be able to wear hold ups.
    74. To be able to wear a belt.
    75. To be able to get waxed.
    76. To be able to use a normal bath towel.
    77. To make Mum and Dad proud.
    78. To sit on my Dad’s lap and give him a hug without him saying I’m too heavy.
    79. To be able to fit more clothes on the clothes-horse.
    80. To be able to wear thongs again.
    81. To be able to go out with my brother and not embarrass him.
    82. To live my life how I want to.
    83. To get through summer without sweating all the time.
    84. To be able to walk around London Christmas shopping.
    85. To have a healthy BMI.
    86. To sit comfortably on a train.
    87. To fit comfortably down the aisles of a train.
    88. To be able to shave my legs in the shower easier.
    89. To have before and after pictures.
    90. To be more steady on my feet.
    91. To get my engagement ring re-sized.
    92. To be able to wear my real Pandora bracelet.
    93. To be able to have an evening bag look in proportion.
    94. To be able to use tampons again.
    95. To be able to wear one size fits all.
    96. To have defined knees and elbows.
    97. To have thinner fingers.
    98. To be able to walk up my road without getting out of breath.
    99. To be able to have my son sit on my lap properly.
    100. To see myself how OH sees me.
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  9. Jayellekay

    Jayellekay this time - the last time

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    Wow! A brilliant list!

    I'll be borrowing some of those for myself!

    Theres only 2 things I disagree with.........

    You don't have to wait to be thin for this one! Wait til you've been on plan a few months and have lost a little weight. Then get started! (Its killing me - in a good way!)

    You will look amazing! Not just ok!
  10. Susie Tuesday

    Susie Tuesday Seriously???

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    Sole Source
    It's odd and it's never been something i have ever wanted to do but the couch to 5k is a biggy on my list now and i actually feel like it's something i could do :)
  11. Emma1904

    Emma1904 Working on it

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    Lol! thank you! I've NEVER looked amazing in a swim suit!! lol hopefully soon I will...just not quite comfortable enough yet to commit to that kind of exercise program as the thought of jogging outside scares me a little so I need to wait until I have the money to enroll at the gym which will hopefully be this week and then I can start it (hopefully a stone and a half down from what I was!)

    Like I said its a really personal list but I'm in a soul bearing mood so I thought I would go for it and I may not feel so stupid for my reasons!! x
  12. transatlanticisam

    transatlanticisam ...Getting there!

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    both those list posts are brilliant, i'm gonna keep remind myself of these lists x
  13. katzigs

    katzigs Full Member

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    Thank you.
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