Advent Calendars...


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Allan G

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Is it wrong to drool over your kids choc calendars??

And no, I don't mean the chocolate - my boys are into the WWE, wrestling stuff....mmm muscles! :eek::rolleyes:

:D EErr yes, mine have got Hannah montana and Bart simpson, lesley hass got a Galaxy one, and nanna has a Celebrations one, i hav`nt got one :sigh:


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Deffinately NOT wrong.... fit guys and chocolate!!!!!!! now that'd be a HAPPY XMAS!!!!!!

Gonna have to see if i can take a pic and post... maybe not, keep them all to myself lol!

Oh, need to call you missus! When are you leaving for this weekend?
my son has a cadburys 1 and a celebrations 1, yum yum.


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Yeh we deff need a catch up.. I'm setting off Fri afternoon, not confirmed all the details yet.. still no frock... AHHHG!!!:eek:

Hows U? xxx

No frock!! THats a disaster... do we need to meet up en route to go shopping...:rolleyes:
Jo's not coming anymore :( but i've already promised to call in to my sis on the afternoon but we will probably be on the motorway about the same time eh!

i'm out and about in a bit so will be in touch......