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Advice about my CDC


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I would really appreciate your thoughts on this one -

My CDC doesnt help much when struggling, and is now unable to see me till nxt friday and i have no packs left.

I thought about this for a while but feel guilty for going to find someone else and wondered what to do
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If you want to be nice and have got no packs left I'd contact her and tell her and say if she can't help til next friday then you will have to find another CDC who can supply you.

If you aren't worried about being nice I'd just find a new one - phone them and ask how they work (ie do they provide support etc) and without naming the old one explain why you need to move and what you are looking for in a CDC.

Good luck


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Your CDC should be there for YOU
If ever mine can't see me she let's me know well in advance so I can buy more packs but then she gives me a discount on my shakes as it's her fault not mine.

There are so many CDC out there that you are able to find one ur happy with and who helps u. They make lots of money from us and are providing a service for US

If u were unhappy with service in a restaraunt u wouldn't go back?
Hope u find somebody who helps :) x


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how much time does she give you each week ?
she is ment to see you each week .
I found mine liked me coming before her kids were out of school but this was not good for me .... but as she was the only one i had to make do . and yes they get alot of money from doing it .


please try again
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so you have no packs left and shes changed your day to go see her leaving you stuck? so what is it she thinks you will be eating those days?
honestly if this isnt the first issue youve had i would move

and to stay on cambridge your gonna have to get hold of packs which does mean your going to have to at least approach another cdc to get enough to tide you over
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move! you need the shakes not her messing you around. don't feel bad, they're here to help and support and to provide the shakes we need to continue.

p.s always make sure you have a day or if you can few days extra just in case. i seem to have 6 left. at the very least i could do a 2 shake diet plan for a couple of days.
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Definitely ring another one.It's unacceptable to leave someone on a VLCD with no shakes.


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
lol i have a whole weeks worth of extra shakes, came in handy last week when i had to skip weigh in due to a stay in hotel nhs
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I agree. You are paying her to provide a certain level of service and she is clearly not providing it.

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