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Advice and encouragement!


Does anyone count their calories while low carbing as well??? I have joined myfitnesspal and am starting back on atkins induction today < 20g carbs.

My calories are about 1200 tops which I am pleased with, thought it would have been more.

I was trying to do cambridge shakes but I am exercising as well and couldn't manage it, felt sickly and weak.

Do you all do regular exercise as well and does this help.

I am biking to work and back each day which is about 25 minutes each way and have ordered 30 day shred to do on a night as well.

Any advice would be great as I have a holiday on 1st November so less than 16 weeks away and would love to get 50 pound off by then.

Is this realistic do you think. I am popping into tesco for some atkins shakes as well for a snack or brekkiw and some endulge bars if the need arises on a night for a bit of a sweet fix.

Any advice and encouragement will be welcomed and I would love to hear how much weight you have all lost and if anyone can tell me what they lost in the first 16 weeks !!!

Thanks everyone x x
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thought i would show my days food today to see what you all think: -

Brekkie - 2 boiled eggs mayo and ham

Dinner - lettuce, cucumber, chicken, cheese, mayo and onion crispies.
SF jelly

Tea - salmon, beansprouts, soya sauce and 5 spice.

tonight - atkins endulge bar or shake or both!!

Does this look ok.

On myfitness pal comes in at 18g carbs and about 1200 cals.

Thanks, just want to get this right x x
Hi there I am on day 3 of induction and feeling great though do have occasional headaches but these are sorted with painkillers. I have been posting on other Atkins sites in US and general view is that you should avoid the Atkins bars and milkshakes on induction . I know that they say you can have these but general consensus is that affect weight loss in early days.
I have just been eating proteins and 2-3 cups of allowed salad and lots of water. I am in deep purple ketosis and so am in fat burning mode. Have you tested whether your in ketosis?
Haven't weighed yet but due to on Monday. I want to lose between 50-60 ibs too but not sure if I can do this by Nov. Like you I am not sure how quick the weight will come off.
Have you had induction flu yet?

only really started today so nothing yet, will post in a few days and hopefully will be in ketosis. Might give the bars and shake a miss then so would take my cals down to under 1000 for the day.

x x


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Altho you dont need to worry about cals normally - 1000 sounds way too low! You need to eat more As it's important your body knows it has plenty of cals available - suggest perhaps fattier meat such as lamb or have chicken roasted with skin on, 2salmon fillets, salami/pork crackling as snacks. Make creamy caesar salad dressins with mayo, olive oil, vinegar and some grated parmesan. Try cheeseburger pie - its the best recipe in the world.


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Hi 16 and welcome

Maybe watch the mayo - try olive oil dressings. Thought beansprouts were a bit high in carbs, try getting your carb intake from big handfuls of leafy green stuff :)
On Atkins you NEED to eat. You don't have to gorge but you don't go low calorie. You have to follow the rules to get the very best results. I know it sounds crazy to have to eat more than on other diets but the difference is that you are cutting down or out on most carbs. This is why we lose weight by eating!

And watch the onions as they are higher carb than most other vegetables. Also watch the Atkins products. I agree that they can slow down weight loss at all stages of the diet. They can even stop weight loss completely.

Once you are in ketosis and your appetite and cravings have lessened you will find it all much easier.

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