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Advice appreciated for dealing with plateauing weight on Core

I was wondering if anybody could offer me some advice on getting my weight loss shifting again. I have lost just over two stone so far and have another two stone to go. I haven't gone over on points on Core (the 21) and I have earnt fourteen points through exercise. I haven't used any of these (might be the problem).

My weightloss at the moment seems to be stagnating. I am inclined to say that I don't need to eat less because I stick within the points and I am in the gym 3/4 times a week doing intense workouts. I can't decide whether I need to reduce my calories further or actually if my metabolism has slowed due to not actually eating enough.

I am well aware of the effect of 'starving' yourself will reduce your metabolism. I don't think I have cut down THAT much though.

I also do make sure I drink plenty of water and green tea and have cut out coffee and caffeinated carbonated drinks (the zero cal variety).

Well anyway, I was just wondering if anybody had experienced this and how the heck can I kickstart my metabolism again? I feel at a bit of a loss, as I don't know whether to up my calorie intake or reduce it. Any help would be appreciated.
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Gonna be skinny!
Have you thought about following the kickstart programme for 2 weeks?
You've got one of two options that i can see.

1. Try kickstart for a week or 2 (not eating any of the 21 points just Core food) and see if that kickstarts the weightloss again

2. Try eating half of your bonus points and see what happens

or maybe do number 1 one week and number 2 the next - confusing your body often spurs it on to shed weight.

Good luck
Thanks Lydia - I'm going to try 2 first. If I try doing kickstart I won't cope at the gym. I tend to burn about fifteen points on top of the 21 points allowed. I don't use the extra points to begin with. I would rather try eating a bit more first, however if that doesn't work then I'll go for 1.
Thats a lot of exercise then that you do! Well done on that! My WW leader tells me not to eat my bonus points at all (my weight loss is extremely slow) but my personal trainer says that I need to eat more on the days I exercise (1 day swimming, 3 days in the gym) which I have done for the last 2 weeks (eaten a lot of my bonus points), I have lost 2 weeks on the trot (only 1lb and 1/2lb respectively) but as previously I was only losing every 2nd or 3rd weight I guess its an improvement.

Would say eat half of your points (7 or 8) and see how you get on.

Also maybe vary your work outs as well, that might help!

I have eaten more today and will today. Had pizza today. Feels strange 'cheating' on purpose and will be having a chinese buffet tomorrow. Even if it causes me to put on a bit of weight initially, then it should 'reset' my metabolism. The problem is I haven't been eating much on the days I have been at the gym. I don'[t use any of my bonus points at all usually. Lesson learnt I think. Just getting a little too enthusiastic.