Green Days Advice for a long day out?

On friday I am leaving my house at 6am and travelling by train to an interview a long way away, I won't be back home provably until 6pm or so. Im not familiar with the area i am travelling to and I have no idea what I am going to be able to eat! Has any one got any suggestions? E.g breakfast on the train, packed lunch, and a snack?
I do green days as I am a veggie.
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I normally take 2 alpen light bars for my breakfast, a couple of pieces of fruit for snacking and a homemade cheese salad sandwich, packet of low fat crisps and a yoghurt for my lunch. If you are travelling to a big station there will usually be a M & S or Sainsbury's - I always treat myself to the vegetarian sushi to eat on the way back.


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Much the same as jackjane. Make sure you utilize your hex;s samich, cereal bars, takelots of fruit. Perhaps make a syn free dip(i know there is a syn frre humos recipe knocking about) and a load of veggie sticks. I'm going to be traveling alot at the weekend and most of next week so i am kinda thinking now what i need to pack up


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Make a quiche with 4 eggs, ff cottage cheese and any veggies you like - i love broccoli, peppers and onion :)

I steam my veg lightly first to give a better texture then lightly beat the eggs with the cottage cheese and season with s&p and mixed hers if you like them.

Cook til firm and cool - then slice and pop in a sandwich box to take with you :)