Big O's Journal Diary

I was the same, after a few months of being on slimming world my doctor took me off my blood pressure medication. I have more energy and able to move around more easily. In the last month doctor reduced my cholesterol tablets. I have read articles that say losing 10% of your body weight which you are fast approaches decreases your blood pressure and improves health considerably.
I skipped dinner mostly today. I worked overtime, and after work I had to get ice, then get gas, and do a grocery pick-up. And before leaving town I had to pick up food to bring home, not for me but for others. By the time I got home I really wasn't hungry, or in the mood to eat, but my wife convinced me to eat a piece of chicken (about 1.5oz peice), and some mixed greens she didn't want (about 1/2cup). My stomach lately hasn't really been bad in terms of "hunger pains" and I know in the morning there are no eggs, and to make a low-carb breakfast will be just about impossible tomorrow. I can do a salad for lunch, but someone else in the house ate all the leftover pork roast tonight, so it will be a plain salad. I should be upset and frustrated, but I'm not. I know my calorie count tomorrow will be much lower than it has been, but over all my calorie count has been lower than I thought it should be now that I've started using a calorie tracker.

I will be getting some bacon this weekend to try dehydrating to turn into jerky, and I hope I can hide that so others can't find it once it is made...
lt's odd - reacquainting ourselves wth our bodies' signals.
so true @AliGal I had been doing sw for some months when I found i was eating just for the sake of it. So now I make baked oats, berries and a protien yoghurt for breakfast. Then I normally go till 5 or 6 in the evening before I am really hungry and have a cooked meal. Then for the evening I will eat a bowl of fresh fruit salad. Something i can nibble on. If I do get hungry in the middle of the day, I will eat a cereal bar or a banana and they tide me over.
It may sound weird but the last few work days have been frustrating and the more irritated I become the more I want to eat. It is almost like my brain goes into a frenzied state when my adrenaline rises and I want to eat pizza and burgers and steaks. The feeling put into words is “just let me at it, I’ll smash it out the park”… I think that is the least aggressive way to describe it. One I let the aggression go, which takes some time because I’m very slow to anger and also very slow to cool down, I stop craving food for a bit which my wife doesn’t understand.
It is surprising how quickly we feel better after just a few short weeks when we are not eating junk foods every day. I know I did. I have more energy now which is a blessing to me as I have MS and Sjogrens both of which sap energy by giving me fatigue
I fully understand emotional eating , we eat for all occasion when we happy, sad , angry to name a few. The food gives you a good feeling for a short while. It is like a drug you need more to achieve the same high. For me knowing my triggers helped me be aware and try to steer myself away from mindless grazing. Cos I am not eating cos I am hungry just for that "fix". Easier said than done but it has helped. I don't keep foods in the house that I would graze on for no nutritional value. I go for chocolate when I am on a binge and cakes. One piece is never enough. I have low calorie goodies that I can't do so much damage with if I go off track.
First day of week 7, and I plan to weigh myself this afternoon after work. I keep forgetting to weigh myself when I don’t go inside to shop and we do a curbside pickup instead. Hoping for several more pounds lost this week! My wife’s bday is next Friday, and I will probably take some anything/everything time on her bday and Saturday even if I am a few pounds shy of the 350 mark so we can enjoy that time easier. Will post again later or tomorrow with my updated weight. Last week I was at 43 lost in 5 weeks.
Keep up the good work your doing really well , i see that you have now lost 10% of your body weight a great achievement in just a few weeks. To just lose 10% it will have significantly improved your health according to the NHS website. I hope you and your wife have a lovely time celebrating her birthday.
I weighed in at 370 last night after work. That is 3 more pounds, and a current total of 46lbs in 6 weeks. I am not sure if next weeks weigh in will be that great. After weighing in my wife wanted to eat at a local place that just reopened that day. The place was closed for over a year due to tornado damage and rebuilding almost from scratch, on top of COVID restrictions. So I had about…9x the carbs as I should be limiting myself to while in the ketosis stage of my journey, but we wanted to show support for this family favorite and I wanted their creole pasta to see if it was as good as before, which it was but I’ll ask for more spice next time cause it wasn’t spicy enough for me.
Been a few weeks since my last post. I weighed in on Friday after having dinner with my wife. It was her birthday, so we ate out and this weekend I’m not focusing on low carb meals so she feels like we can eat together and have a good time. On Friday my weigh in was 363, so my new total lost is 53lbs. Considering what I ate this weekend so far not sure if next week will include weight loss or not. We will see!
I allow myself for special events such as birthdays to go of plan for one meal then hop straight back on plan. OK, I might not lose that week but If I maintain it is a win in my books. I hope you and your wife had a lovely meal celebrating her birthday.
i might actually show some weight loss this week after all. Part of my plans included a large pizza. I did buy the pizza and 2 others, but after getting home I walked my dogs and went to the bathroom. When I got out all 3 pizzas were tore into, and their were only 2 pieces left of mine. Several people in the house have been sick this last week and I was so mad and disgusted cause I know people didn’t wash their hands before eating. It didn’t ruin my anything and everything day but it came close.
I am pleased you have shown a loss this week. I know I am a bit OCD when it comes to food and washing hands. I am super careful around food and not passing on germs to food I am about to prepare or eat. I would hate to make anyone poorly through poor food hygiene.
I totally feel the same way. It is the main reason I don’t do holiday potlucks with coworkers. I saw one guy leave the bathroom once without washing his hands and that was the only straw I needed to cut that tie! Just thinking about it turns my stomach a bit.
Just reading your post has me feeling queasy. I was a nurse and so I know first hand what having gastro issues from poor hygiene practices.