Need a program / help


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Uploaded my pics current sitting at 215lbs / 6'0 tall. Covid hit and wasnt able to hit any weights / gym. Was at around 200lbs before covid. I feel i have lost alot of strength since not being able to go to the gym. I work 10 hour shifts 6am - 4:30pm for two weeks then do a 4:00pm - 2:3:30 am shift for two weeks. The gym I go to only allows for 1 hour gym time visits. I have a job where i drive machinary so i am sitting for most of those 10 hrs.

Any suggestions for a good work out program that would fit my schedule ? Any advice where i can go with my body? Gain some strength again or lose all my weight i have gained? I find the hardest is to fit some form of cardio in as I get off work at 5pm on my days shift and cant get into the gym till 6:15pm and thats only for 1 hour.

Any adivce, appreicate it !!