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  1. ctdexw

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    Have been lurking on here for about 3 and a half weeks I'd say and I really like the site.

    I really need some advice today,

    heres my story......... I started CD about 12 days ago. It was easier than I thought it was going to be and the headaches were manageable.

    I am a student nurse in a maternity department at the moment so I need to be fit and healthly in order to stand doing the shifts and "be on the ball" as I am being assessed all the time- No pressure! I qualify in February so I cant really afford to "muck up".

    The CD thing has gone well, I lost 8lbs on the first week and I am convinced that I ahve lost more this week.

    However, on day 10 I went to bed feeling really ill and my heart felt like it was racing loads. On day 11 I took my BP and it was low all day eg 96/64 and my heartbeat was still quite high eg 90s and this morning 104bpm. Needless to say I was feeling very faint and slept in bed for the afternoon. This is not good for me! I have kids and loads of study!

    So I decided to "take the day off" and ate sensibly but also ate all the naughty food I shouldnt have eg chocolate and crisps.My Bp is ok now and I feel ok today.

    Now the dilemma I restart the CD diet again or not? I havnt eaten breakfast and am not craving food yet(despite my blip) so feel I could restart today again.

    HAs anyone else had low BP and feeling faint etc on this diet? Its very unpleasant? Any advice or tips?
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  3. kazz

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    Hiya, havent had low BP myself (wel, that I know of!!) but maybe going straight to SSing was too much for you? Could you maybe try working down thru the steps and see if that helps? Maybe do 790 for a week, then do an AAM week and then SS again? I suppose SSing is a helluva shock for our bodies and we all react differently...
  4. Dani

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    I am very interested in your post.

    I am on day 13 of SS CD, it has got easier (much easier than I thought once day 3/4 was over)and I've lost 10lbs so far. All very good:)

    However the down side is I feel exhaused, I am finding it harder to focus (a bit light headed) and concentrate.

    Is this normal? Does anyone else feel like this?
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    Even a good few months into LL I had dizzy spells where I'd have to sit down as everyting would go black, I wouldn't need to be exerting myself but simply standing up or walking up stairs etc. This never passed but I never did pass out and it was only 30 seconds at a time. I never felt exhausted though...there is a hell of a lot of bugs around at the moment, maybe that is contributing?

    I'd try to get back on if I were in your shoes, you've done so well, and just keep an eye on it.

    Good luck - Joe
  6. ctdexw

    ctdexw Member

    thats just what i was thinking as well. its unlike me to feel faint. i dont think i have ever fainted in my life ever.

    one of my kids has been poorly today with temperature and feeling lousy (no cold etc) perhaps thats it then??

    I have not blipped today and am happily guzzling down the water and ss'ing.

    i'll see how i get on and keep a beady eye on it!
  7. canireallydothis!!

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    You are in the right place to keep a beady eye on but a chat with the doc may help, how much do you have to loses, and how tall are you, are you having the correct amount of packs and also is the water intake high, I know CD says 2 ltrs but I always have 4
  8. Isis

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    Hi Dani,

    I found day 3 the hardest, even second time around.
    I always feel cold when SSing, as a lot of us do I think.

    I agree with you about the light headed feeling sometimes and just not being quite "with it", but I do find that if I up the water a bit more, it does settle down:D

    Hope this helps a bit,

  9. Cavycrazy

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    I had a blip in week 3, when I had some real horrible light headed attacks and feeling utterly tired. Thankfully it passed and all has been well since.

    I wonder if its just the way the body reacts sometimes as its adjusting to the new regime.

    Hope you are feeling better today.

    Deb x
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