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Advice Needed Please

Hello all,
Been on Lipotrim for six days now, got weigh in tomorrow!!! My scales say I have a loss of 13llb but will see what they say the the chemist tomorrow.
Not finding it to bad now - first three days were horrific! I have two problems at present.
1. Dry mouth. My mouth feels awful. Dry furry and disgusting. Anyone know what I can do to ease this please?
2. Going to the toilet(no2). Used to be a one/twice a day girl, now every couple of days, is this normal?
I am drinking 2-3 litres of water a day.
Loved reading all your stories on here and just hope I can be as strong and successful as you xx
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Sorry hairspray these problems are here to stay lol. The furry tongue is due to being in ketosis, all you can do is brush teeth and use mouthwash. Toilet situation is still with me after 16days i have asked my sister who is a nurse to fit me a catheter as im living in the toilet good luck x
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you're lucky,at work they're on about installing a toilet next to my toolbox. I've been getting a "xenical" reaction from lipotrim for 4 days now, don't need extra exercise running clutching my stomach seems to work very well!!


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I started a week last monday and didnt have a number 2 :giggle:til yesterday, was told i could take senokot by my pharmacist if it was causing probs? But i feel ok so i put it down to eating less solid food? I have got the horrid dry blurrh tasting mouth also and just keep brushing my teeth and tongue a couple of extra times a day and use some listerene mouthwash occasionally. To be honest though its not been as bad as i was expecting and with the weight loss its all worth it!:D

Hope that helps?? keep at it and good luck:)
Thank you.
Going to defo keep going. Feeling very pleased with myself, haven't cheated at all, even with my daughter waving pizza under my nose on the 2nd day!
Hopefully if I keep my toothbrush handy all day, I can get my mouth feeling a little better xx


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hi hun the lovely problems what comes with the diet but well worth it. you can get the listerine strips that you can put on ya tongue and use that is only thing lipotrim agree to and also you can use listerine mouthwash, as in toilet fibreclear is what they advise to take for it. good luck with weigh in and hope your num 2 problem is sorted as in furry tongue get used to it lol. xxx
Thank you.
I think having the furry tongue is do able because the weight loss is so fab.
Just got to get the other end sorted and will be a happy bunny xx


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have you tried boiled cooled down water that helps keep you regular used to have a teacher who always drunk it in our history lesson so we asked him why wish we never did after lol


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the toilet issue is normal - i go once a week and if i havnt gone by saturday evening then i take a ducolax - they work wonders - you only need one though!


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Best of luck, Hairspray. I'm lucky enough to have a locker at work, so toothpaste & brush handy all through the day! There are now 4 Lipotrimmers at work now, even tho I'm now on maintenance, I still drink 2+ litres of water a day and we have to keep changing those 18.9 litre bottles of water very frequently in the office!! 4Bbrushing the tongue really does help, but you shouldn't have a dry mouth if you are gluggling plenty of the H2O.

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