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hi guys,

I've been toying with the idea of doing something to help me tone up...
I have to say that I could be the least unfit person in Britain...my legs feel weak after running up our stairs.
Anyway, I have the option of 3:

toning tables
joining the gym and doing mainly cardio (starting very gently & hope to work up)
buying a SLENDERTONE product.

I was seriously thinking about joining a local gym tomorrow but need to get advice first. Like I say, I'm very unfit...not just fat, but really unfit, I've never really worked out before...well not long term anyway.

Should I be joining a gym whilst on soul source?? I'm currently in week five so am having aam.

what do you think???

thanks xx sj xx
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I'm just a Newbie so I hope you don't mind me answering - I've been doing CD on and off since Jan 2006 and now on Eurodiet

My CDC advise not to take up any new, strenuous plans in the first couple of weeks but by week 5 you should be fine - as long as you listen to your body.

Under normal circumstances I'd suggest building up with lots of walking in the sun and a bit of floor work at home but it's not been the summer for it

Personally I like being a gym member as I find it motivational. Just make sure you are comfortable with your choice of gym as you'll be more inclined to go

Why don't you try something like pilates / yoga and some body pump classes. You get the toning and building up your lean muscle mass without jumping around like a loon on 500 cals!! Getting into the habit now will help you maintain once you hit goal. Also a greater muscle mass = higher metabolism so even when you're sitting watching TV you'll be burning more calories because of your gym visits!!

Also, I found when SS it was something to do on an evening instead of sitting around thinking about what I was not eating AND exercise releases endorphins - happy happy.

Hope this helps

Ails xx
Hi, i really enjoy exercise and do up to 8 classes a week. You need to find something you enjoy doing, I find the machines in the gym boring but the classes are fun and you seem to work harder. I struggled during my first week of ss (nearly fell off the step on day 3!) but now its fine. I do 3 body pump classes, a step class, an aerobic class and maybe a couple of combat classes. The pump class is really a great workout and you can put as much weight on as you like so you can take it easy at first and start with just 1kg weights. I've noticed such a difference in my body, bingo wings are gone and my legs are very toned. I would look around a few gyms, blag some free day passes and try them all. You need to feel comfortable with which one you choose or you won't go. I've been doing the classes for 2 years and at first it was hard but now its easier and more fun, Good luck hun x
I do 3 body pump classes, a step class, an aerobic class and maybe a couple of combat classes.
Coo! You *are* Wonder Woman!

I want to be more like this one day. I hope I keep reminding myself of your post to spur me on. I used to do pump and combat. I loved them. I was rubbish at combat but nonetheless felt like Lara Croft after each class:p

Am joining a gym and look forward some week soon to having the body confidence to creep out of the ladies only section to do a class:)

Thanks for the inspiration,
LOL! I'm not keen on combat but do it because my friends do it and tell me you can burn up to 1000 cals a class, it is my least favourite class though :(

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