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Advice on food diary please

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by lucy03, 19 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. lucy03

    lucy03 Full Member

    Firstly thanks for reading!
    I started Slimming world a week ago and managed to gain 2 pounds eeek! I've got 4-5 stone to lose so need those scales to be heading the right direct .... I've been sticking the plan and will continue to for a month to see the outcome however I though maybe it's worth putting up an average day to see if there's something i'm doing wrong that i'm not aware of!!

    So ....
    Firstly I get up at 6 ... take the dogs for a walk for 40 minutes then off to work

    Breakfast is either: 2 alpen light bars and a banana (HE) or 30g dorset cereal (HE) religiously weighed out with a weight watchers greek yogurt (2syns) and a banana.

    Mid morning is a skinny latte (HE)

    Lunch is a large portion of veg from night before so today its cabbage, carrots, beetroot a couple of potatoes (3 syns as a pack with flavouring) 3 small eggs boiled, tablespoon of fat free dressing (1 syn for quantity) some rockett, Yogurt if not had one at lunch

    Mid afternoon pear and hot chocolate from machine (4 syns)

    4:30 get home walk the dogs for an hour

    Dinner is pretty much the same as lunch 1/2 plate of veg be it carrots/cabbage/broccoli/asparagus/peas/cauliflower all cooked with no fat, with quorn pieces maybe an egg, small portion of potatoes/rice/pasta (less than 1/4 plate full)
    Supper a hot chocolate - options (3 syns) and danoe yogurt and or fruit if hungry

    So sins are around 10 mark and being a veggie most of the time the % of FF on a plate is more than 1/3 I'm getting daily exercise, its not that time of the month and i can feel the gain of weight so its def not inches lost pounds gained.

    It's a lot of food but even when I put it into myfitnesspal its never over 1600 calories so it should still result in loses I think?!

    As before any advice greatly received :)

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  3. Jael

    Jael Full Member

    I do know that some people have a gain first week then go on to lose in following weeks. Our bodies don't always register what we've done. Our weight naturally fluctuates by several pounds over the course of the hours and days.

    I'd say make sure you weigh at the same time every week and following same routine. Sometimes people notice a gain after exercise due to the body holding on to water to repair muscles, and replenishing glycogen stores that were burnt off. Also drink lots of fluid, particularly around weigh day, as it helps prevent fluid retention.

    Another reason some people have is that there change of diet upsets their bowel for a few weeks, so they can end up with extra poo weight and bloating weight. If this were you, another HEB might help. If you're on green you're supposed to have 2. Fluid would help, bio yogurt would help. If you're not used to such large quantities of fruit and veg, making sure the veg is cooked properly initially will help.

    Apparently a sudden change in diet can upset anyone's digestive system. It did mine. I went from doing Paleo, which made me feel ill and exhausted for 3 months, to SW. I was bloated, constipated and sluggish, but feeling generally better. I ended up taking a mild laxative once in the end, and gradually my body adjusted and I now feel great.
  4. lucy03

    lucy03 Full Member

    Thanks .. Im eating a lot more veg that I had been, I was sticking to more of a higher fat diet no carb but found after the initial weight loss it stalled and then I ended up eating any old crap and gaining quite a bit of weigh (damn carrot cake and white chocolate chip cookies!) I think the veg is causing some bloating so i'll lay off the raw stuff this week :D

    As long as the diary looks okay I'll stick with it ... weird after years of dieting meaning being hungry to follow a plan where that's not the case, makes you feel like your probably doing it wrong lol
  5. Jael

    Jael Full Member

    I think the key is giving your body time to adjust for big changes.

    Yeah the high fat low carb thing was weird for me. I feel like an idiot for trying it, especially as I knew the evolutionary science claims behind it were bull. But I've heard of lots of people who swear by it and have good results, so thought I'd give it a try. Literally felt like sh!t for months and kept waiting for the rush of energy everyone talked about. It never came. My weight loss stalled. Body took time to adjust to SW , but feel awesome now. Try to make virtually all food from scratch, so it's the way humans have eaten for thousands of years, whilst remaining slim, instead of the processed, additive laden rubbish of past 50 years. That's the part of caveman diets I think works. The unprocessed, whole, healthy foods that are eaten. I personally needed different macro ratios in order to function properly, than low carb suggests

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