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Advice on JSA, finishing maternity leave, work etc

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Wondered if any of you can help or give me some advice.

My maternity benefit stops on the 22nd April, my H works but there will be only his wage coming in. I am looking for work part-time to work around the 2 wee ones & my H night work.

I have an interview for a part-time call centre job which is 10 hours only. I just would like to know the following...

If i get it training starts the 18th April, what do I do as mat leave not finished till 22nd?

Can I sign on for JSA if I do the job as it's only 10 hours a week as ideally I need more hours a week so will be looking for other part-time jobs.

What would your advice be should I go for the job or just sign on JSA? Don't get me wrong I know benefits are there for people that really need it but 10 hours on minimum wage isn't enough for us a our mortgage huge & we can't manage on just one wage.

I do want to go back to work but should I wait until something with more hours come up?
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Its a tricky one - do you know anyone already at the call centre? If they are busy / have a high turnover of staff, they may well be able to offer you more hours once you're trained and up to speed. I can see your dilema though, if 10 hours are not going to be enough. Might be worth finding out if you can claim anything to help top your wage up if you do accept the 10 hours, as its good experience and puts you back out there in the job market.
Good Luck whatever you decide xxx


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Can't help you on the maternity leave, but I know when I left uni I was advised to sign up for JSA to supplement my earnings from a P/T job. Turned out I wasn't eligible (after being messed around by them for God knows how long, but that's another story...) because I earned just over the threshold. At the time (18 months or so ago) they would top-up your earnings to the value of about £80 a week.

Obviously there's a whole new government and what have you now so my experience isn't the most up-to-date, but hopefully it's something!
I think that as a mother of young child you actually get income support not JSA- the difference being you aren't expected to be looking for work until bubba is at school. But not sure if u can still work part time & get this, and they take your OH earnings into account. If between you your earnings are less than about 35k annum ( i think) you should get working family tax credits as well.
Probably a good idea to visit the Job Centre and ask the questions you need answered. They are in the best position to tell you what you can and cannot do.


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