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Advice on Points


chunky chick :-)
you can do it what ever way you feel comfiest really. i eat more in the evening than daytime, im busy during the day so i eat when i sit down. it works well for me. just see what fits you, good luck x


plodding away
Yes I agree, it is a matter of personal preference. I work shifts and have different points for meals depending if I am working mornings, afternoons, and nights. Try different ways and see what suits you. Good luck you will enjoy the flexibility of ww


Silver Member
Here's just a little bit of an example of my day (I'm now on 23 points too)

Breakfast: coffee 1 point, crumpet 1.5, 1/2 tsp butter 0.5 so breakfast is 3 points.

Lunch: sometimes have a large tesco healthy choice wrap 2.5 points, 2 slice of ham 1 point, and salad cream 1 tbsp 1 point and salad zero points.... so lunch is 4.5 points with a zero point glass of cordial.

Dinner: this can vary but usually takes about 8 or 10 points which then makes a total of 17.5 points. Which leaves me with 5.5 points to spend on more coffee, fruit and low point bars ie small milky way 2 points or a delicious SMOOTH lolly ice for just 1 point or a wad of my favourite PINK N WHITES :D

Hoope this helps.

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