Advice please - 790 or SS?


To celebrate my losses!

I went to see my new CDC today. After losing 4 stone on LL, and having put almost one stone back on during December, I want a push to lose the last lot. I'm really undecided however whether to do 790 or SS.

I maintained for almost three months very well and am concerned that I am going to find it impossible to go backwards and start SSing properly again (I tried this week and failed miserably).

I am therefore errrng towards doing a 790 plan - three packs plus an evening meal, which would suit me down to the ground but as I have really not very much to lose (I don't want to lose more than a stone and a half) I am concerned that my loss with be slow.

As an aside I have joined the gym today so hopefully that will help boost the loss.

So does anyone have any advice - should I grab the bull by the horns and SS or should I do the 790?

It is really hard to let go of the SSing mentality - that SSing is the quickest and easiest way of losing the weight.

I would really appreciate your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

Many thanks.
Weight loss on 790 is very similar to SS because it is still classed as a VLCD. I would start on 790, assess your feelings and then decide from there :)
Thanks DQ - that was what I thought but then the pull of SSing took over me.

Look at your loss - aren't you doing fantastically?!?

Well done you.
I know what you mean but what a fantastic start, celebrate your achievements!!