advice please joining


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Hi I have a slight dilema as to when I should join SW with NY eve coming up. I'm meant to be going out on Thurs and will inevitably drink too much.
I could join this Wednesday, get straight into it, but accept that I will be over my syns for Thursday, or I could wait till next Monday as there is a group I could join then.
I'm just starting to feel fatter and fatter, and I'm eating now for the sake of it. Feeling really focused to join and give EE a try.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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I started slimming world four weeks ago knowing that Christmas and new year were coming up. I did it because I knew I had to take the plunge. There are always going to be things you can't diet for eg Christmas. So I reckon go for it as soon as possible!

Good luck xx


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Part of me would like to say, start now, the sooner the better and just accept that you are going to be a bit naughty on NY eve, but that's only one day out of 7.

However, I think really long-term just work out whether a Monday or a Wednesday weigh-in is going to suit your lifestyle better and go with that. I used to WI on a Monday years ago, and I found that helped me keep on track at the weekends which is a danger time for many people. However, others preferred to WI midweek so that if they were a bit naughty over the weekend, it gave them a couple of days or so to put it right! Horses for courses!

So in essence, I think just think which would suit you best on a weekly basis and go with that. :D


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I would personally start off now, and just drink vodka on NY eve lol. I am planning to just drink vodka and slimline tonic, and you can have quite a few of them if you don't 'eat' any syns. I think the more you put it off the less likely you are to take the plunge! Like the girl said before me, there is always something around that could be considered as getting in the way of SW, but these are things you have to cater for in everyday life, so it's good practice if you ask me ! :) good luck xxx

Happy Holidays

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If you feel ready to start now then do, if you don't feel 100% you wont give 100% so start after NY. Again either Monday or Wednesday whichever day fits in with you.

You will find SW is easy to stick to it's just sorting out how to use the syns ;)


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Do what ever you feel is right for you, now or after new year will not make that much difference in the grand scheme of things, but if you feel it will put you under pressure to join now, then leave it till after new year and just enjoy yourself before knuckling down to the plan.


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There'll be lots more new starters the week after new year, so it depends if you'd rather be one of a big group, or have the chance to ask questions etc with less of a group. No prob with either as both situations have their plus points. New years eve is only one evening, and even if you have that day as flexi and it keeps you on the straight and narrow for the other six days that's got to be a bonus hasn't it.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

Beccy x