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Advice Please (Xenical)

Hi everyone :wave_cry: :break_diet:
hows everyone doing?
Just a bit of advice needed please
Im doing slimming world and have lost 1 stone 1lb so far
but ive started the xenical tablets 6 days ago with no problems so far
too be honest i had a sneaky peak this morning and weighed my self and only lost 2lb
thought it would be a bit more cos i usually lose this amount weekly by just doing slimming world with out the tablets
maybe they take a while to get into your system
i save up all my sins up in the week for saturday so i can have wine and maybe a takeaway or chocolate
ive done this from the start and find it works for me to have a weekly treat
is this bad? am i the only one that does this?
its usually after ive had my weekly weigh in lol
and i have saved up all my weekly sins for this
but im on the xenical tablets now and i know what will happen
if i have something high in fat ect
so not sure what to do
have i to stop taking the tablets the day before or even 2 days before so i dont get any of the horrid side affects
then go back on them day after
many thanks for any feed back :eek:
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Hi, xenial remains in your system for up to 72 hours, so you would need to stop the tablet 3 days before you want to have your weekly treat, by doing this every week though, you're only taking xenical for 4 days a week, and the xenical may not be able to deliver results as average..i think it would help you to read up about xenical and what it actually does,and to have a look at the other losses from other users...

a healthy weight loss of 2lb's a week is what is recommended and based on that it's just over half a stone a month..you may find extra help in the sw section..

good luck!
decided to stop taking my tablets for today then use up all my sins tomorrow then back on tablets sunday/monday
hope it doesnt effect me too much
looking forward to my fish and chips and red wine lol
Your end up stuck on the loo with fish an chips! Especially if you've only stopped taking them today!

I do sw with xen but I don't save up syns bc that's not really how sw works! But 2lb a week is great! Good luck with you treat night lol xx
That's a ww idea. With slimming world it's flexible syns. So you don't restrict you syns all week bc it lowers losses. So everyday you can have up to 15 then for one day set yourself a limit say 50syns and you work within that limit on treat night or flexible syn day!

It means your body isn't restricted all week - your stay more motivated as you can still treat! I have a flex night every wi day x

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