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Well done on stopping smoking Eclipse, I quit back in Nov 2008 and that is why I have put on nearly 2 stone. I stayed at 9st 3ish for over nine years after doing WW but as soon as I quit the fags it krept back on, got to be a better choice to e a little overwieght than a smoker though!
S: 13st12lb
Thank you, I am really struggling at the mo because I am on a DD. Is it really better not to eat anything?
It all depends on how you feel. I have done it twice but to be honest I didnt sleep at all well them nights, I kept dreaming of food :rolleyes: I find that if I eat then I trigger my 'food gene' and feel as if I need more. Thats why alot of people leave it as late as possible in the day to eat on a DD. I also find that by drinking shakes (Slim fast or CD) keeps me going if I have to have something.
Keep strong you are doing well so far:D
This is the same as me! I am so hungry through the night that I just keep waking up but if I do eat then it stimulates my stomach into wanting more. I think I'll go and have a bowl of porridge.lol
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Hiya welcome to juddd! Yes those first few dd's can be really hard, but they do get easier once you get into the swing of it. Try to wait as long as poss before eating and remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day as this will help you feel fuller plus gets your body working properly. Try to drink at least 2 litres, I usually drink between 3-4 a day, but I have for years and don't drink much of anything else through the day.

I always split my dd's into 5 x 100 cals, then you can space it out and know you have something for later. I try not to eat until 1-2pm, later if I can.

Good luck x
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Is there anything that really means you have to have more calories just cuz you go out on a Wednesday night? I go to a quiz night on a Tuesday and find if I stick to drinking diet coke I don't go over my calories. I know it might sound boring but it works for me, then again I'm not a big drinker anyway. You could make it a medium day or even make the day before/after a medium day so you aren't having too many UDs in a row

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