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Advice Please!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by pflorida, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    Hi everyone quick question..

    I'm due to go on holiday next month to America now I know due to experience that I do tend to eat a lot whilst I'm there especially due to the huge portion sizes..

    I really don't know whether for the duration of the holiday I should forget about slimming world and start again once I'm back purely because I don't want to have to limit myself whilst I'm away and it will be a lot harder to measure out syns etc. I also see it as the weight I lose before holiday means that il still be lighter than I would be if I didn't start SW meaning even if I do put weight on I'm in a better position then before SW.

    I've also thought about watching what I eat more than I would have before SW but not measuring but I really don't know what to do!!

    if anyone's ever been through a similar situation or has any advice please do comment!!!

    Thanks!!!! :D:D
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  3. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    Hey- it's entirely up to you and how you'd feel coming back with a gain!
    It may sound a bit extreme but one of my little changes that I've made since joining was to minimise my plate size. I'm one of these people who eats whatever is one my plate- if it's there, I'll eat it! I've never been to America but I've seen enough shows to see that the portions are huge! Maybe, you could buy a plastic kids plate (generally they're smaller) and pop in your bag and when you order food, put it onto your own plate - this way you're still eating what you like, just not as much??

    I'm away at the end of the month myself and we are going all inclusive!! I really wanted to do self catering so that I could be more in control but OH surprised me for Christmas and booked a nice plush hotel and all inc. my plan (he doesn't know it yet) is to have fruit for breakfast! Salads and meat for lunch and then a bit of what I fancy in the evening with salad or veggies covering 2/3rds of plate!

    In the meantime, I'm trying desperately to get as much off as I can to allow for a gain!! Holidays are to be enjoyed in my opinion and I can cope with a gain after a week of sun, sea and cocktails!!
  4. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    The idea of using the kids plate is good I might use that!! I find it really hard when I'm there as a lot of the restaurants are all you can eat buffets and I think it will ruin my holiday having to turn down or think about food too much as bad as it sounds. Realistically if I lose a few pounds before I go then I won't mind putting the same amount on Aslong as I don't come back heavier I think I'd be happy knowing it was worth it!! Wow I feel sorry for you that will be tough having it all at your hotel!! That said I'm sure you'll have an amazing time and everyone's allowed to have a break and slip up so we shouldn't feel too guilty!!!
  5. Chipmunk89

    Chipmunk89 but you can call me Toni!

    When I went on holiday during my first time on SW, I just completely relaxed and had what I fancied. I'd put on 9lbs when I came back and I was a bit gutted to be honest, and found it really hard to get back into it at home. I did lose about 5lbs of that on my first week back on plan but really struggled from there and soon after I was on and off plan a lot which led to me creeping back up.

    It's completely up to you and how you think you would deal with a gain/getting back on plan I suppose. I like the idea of the child's plate above. If you can't limit your calories then limit your portion size. I know however that that's much easier said that done when you're actually there and all that yummy food is staring at you!
  6. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    Aww I'm really sorry to hear that!! That's what I dread if I don't watch what I eat!! The thing is I've been looking forward to it for so long that the thought of being on SW whilst I'm there really puts a downer on it for me!! The thing is we will be walking miles pretty much every day so I'm hoping that will keep the pounds off and they have a free 24 hour gym which I know my boyfriend will use so I think il try and use that.. Notice I said try there ahhaha
  7. Chipmunk89

    Chipmunk89 but you can call me Toni!

    Haha, I suppose you'll just have to see what happens. See how you feel once your there. The worst that happens is that you put a few lbs on but if you're determined and really do want to get the weight off you will I'm sure have little trouble losing it once you come back :)
  8. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    It really is entirely up to you. I tend to find that when I think "Im going completely off plan" I do actually still have a little voice in my head saying eat your veg first, dont eat so many chips, dont go mad for white bread.

    If youre going for an all you can eat buffet that should be really easy to stick to SW, take the fat and skin off any meat you eat and load up on the jacket potatoes/rice/salad/veggies/pasta. Fill up on fruit before cake!

    Maybe write down why losing weight is important to you before you go. This might make up your mind for you. Take it with you and then you can remind yourself of how you feel when you're at home living your normal life.

    I would never go totally off plan for an extended period of time, personally I think I would find it too hard to get back on it and would also think well Ive just wasted all that money, time and effort for what? food that now makes me ill when I couldve easily chosen healthy, filling food. Its a no brainer for me.x.x.x.
  9. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    We've been to Florida since starting SW, it's not easy I must admit, the portions are huge & everything, even the veggies, are sweetened!!!! For us as a family we tended to go to Golden Corale buffet place, it suited us all, that way I could chose SWish friendly foods & I did treat myself to puddings, but I only went up once & didn't pile my plate high.

    And the end of the day it's your choice, ask yourself what you would be happy gaining, say you lose 10lb before you go on holiday, come back & have gained 10lb, how are you going to feel? Happy 'cause if you'd not done SW it would be worse, or sad you've just ruined all your hard work & determination?
  10. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    See Golden Coral and places like that are the places I'm thinking of! Because of walking around the parks I'm hoping that I would burn a lot off and it don't think my portions would be much bigger than what I have at home it's just the amount if calories that is worrying!! Tbh I started slimming world to lose weight so I could look better and feel more confrident for my holiday so if I lose weight in time I see that as a big achievement, I know I would be disappointed coming back having gained it again but I think I would be more disappointed if I let it ruin my holiday, I guess it's a case of when I get there I will see!!!
  11. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    See because I am very fussy going to America is good for me but bad for my diet as I like everything they eat as it's all bad haha!!! Unfortunate I would not have a little voice in my head as I would happily not eat veg the whole time! I guess it's just something I will have to wait and see to find out!! Thanks for your advice though!!!
  12. Tracy831

    Tracy831 HERE I GO AGAIN !!!!!!!

    I went to Florida a few years back after loosing over 4 stone on Rosemary Conley,and whilst I was there I ate what I wanted,and after all the walking around Disneyland I did,when I got back I had only put on 3 lbs !
    If it was me I would enjoy myself while I was there :)

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  13. Sains

    Sains New Member

    First post here, but I think the problem us bigger folk have is we can't do things by moderation. Why not give yourself a day or two where you just have a huge blowout and then stop? Not all Americans are obese; a lot of them eat the right things. You can eat the right things too, why sabotage all your hard work so far? Compromise and eat badly on a couple of days and good on the rest?
  14. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Just try not to leave out the fruit and veggies. Florida is famous for its oranges so why not sample a few (a day haha) they come in their own skin so you know they wont be sweetened or anything. Its everything in moderation, so have, say, burger and chips but have a salad on the side and snack on fruit. Remember your SF will give you more energy for all the walking around too!

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  15. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    That's perfect, I think we forget sometimes that it is possible to eat burgers or whatever & still have superfree, making a meal not totally off plan.
  16. kingleds

    kingleds Gold Member

    I think you'll probably find you can'[t eat like you used it. We went away last year to an all inclusive hotel, and were so excited about having a few weeks off after 18 months of almost constantly being on plan. First meal we had we were both full after 1/2 a plate! I gained 2lbs in the time we were away, and I reckon most fo that was due to plane food and booze!

    The key thing with the US is that whilst you can eat huge portions of unhealthy food, you also have massive options, especially in Florida where fruit and vegetables are so cheap! Just try to stay away from bread - I swear they add sugar to it or something!
  17. Anti222

    Anti222 Full Member

    I went to Florida a few years back and I'm pretty sure that's what started me on my journey to my highest weight ever. Even my mum was shocked by how much weight I'd gained after just 2 weeks and honestly it's put me off of going back again, although I did have a wonderful time. The thing that did it to me was the all you can eat buffets. They could be your best friend - all you can eat salads, jacket potatoes, fruit etc. but not for me. When I was there, the temptation of mac and cheese, mashed potato with cheese and bacon bits, cook to order steaks, omelettes, sausage, bread, gravy and everything else that's delicious was too much. I couldn't sit there with a salad while my family dug into all of the deliciousness and the theme parks didn't help either. The ice creams, corn dogs, twinkies and all that stuff just found its way into my mouth and onto my hips. I'm not really in a position to offer advice as I failed at every turn but as the above posters have said, it's all about what you want out of it. If you're happy with a gain afterwards, enjoy yourself but try to limit portion sizes. We wouldn't normally have 2 or 3 plates of food for dinner at home so don't do it at a buffet. Just have 1 plate with a little taster of the things you fancy and some healthy salad or something to bulk it out. That way you won't feel deprived, you'll get to taste the things you want and you won't overeat too much.

    Best of luck and have a really wonderful time!
  18. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I'm off to USA for a month in May, I plan to eat what I like, as it's a trip we've always wanted to do, but I do plan on doing a LOT of exercise to keep my metabolism up, and also to only have 1 big meal a day (because portions are huge you'll probably find a small breakfast and big lunch are plenty!). It's hot, you'll be walking a lot of it off hopefully. Why not alternate days? Have a day of eating what you like, followed by a good day for the whole trip? If you get your metabolic rate up high enough you might find you only put on a couple of pounds over there, and if not, hopefully you';ll have lost enough by the time you go that you wont feel too heartbroken to have put it on.

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  19. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    Thanks to everyone for their comments, after a lot of thinking and a discussion with my boyfriend I think I'm going to ignore the plan..

    I just don't think I could sit there eating salad and veg (which I don't actually like) whilst my boyfriend sits eating everything I want too, I feel that I've spent way to much money and got too excited to have to consider watching what I eat..
    I know it may be horrible to come back gaining either what I've lost or more but I have until June to lose it all again anyway!!

    Fingers crossed I won't actually gain that much as last time I went I didn't gain at all and spent 3 weeks there with most breakfasts and dinners being spent out in all you can eat buffets!
  20. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Gold Member

    How about you make yourself a deal of using gym or pool? and having 1 meal per day which is a good healthy meal. You aren't likely to loose weight but it'll keep your mind set to get back home to instead if letting go totally and having to claw back getting into it. Keep some control to make it easier when your back.

    from fat to skinny jeans
  21. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    You have received lots of good advice here, all backed up with sound reasoning and logic. I think you should write down your reasons for doing SW in the first place. Write them big and bold and put them in a place you can see every day before you go. Then write a second list, just as big, just as bold, about why or how following the SW plan will spoil your holiday. Stick the second list up next to the first one. Then over the next few weeks before you go you can read the lists, pick just one item at a time and allow yourself a moment to feel an emotion about that single item and gauge how extreme those emotions are. Good feeling? Bad feeling? Guilt? Pride? Fun and joy? Let these emotions help you decide your priorities and make a decision before you go about how much you will allow yourself.

    Now try something else.... Imagine yourself back home after the holiday, tanned and relaxed and a several pounds heavier, now try imagine tanned and relaxed and just a few pounds heavier, now imagine slimmer than ever but frustrated and jealous of the other people around you who were eating the stuff you enjoy, and regretting some opportunities to try something delicious. How do you feel about these three scenarios? Guilty and uncomfortable in your tighter clothes or simply happy because you are tanned and relaxed and have thoroughly enjoyed a well deserved break and know that those extra pounds will be easy enough to deal with?

    You have already stated that you don't mind a small gain after the holiday, and plan to do a lot of walking and perhaps even try out the gym available. Maybe the final decision will be, as many people have already suggested, a combination of letting go and sticking with it, somewhere in the middle Relax and enjoy your holiday, don't let guilt about big yummy meals spoil your holiday, but don't overdo it either.

    Have a super fantabulous wonderful time, whatever you decide.

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