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  1. Sparklebright

    Sparklebright New Member

    Hi everyone

    I'm considering doing the Exante Total Solution plan but I want some advice beforehand.

    I've seen on other posts the amazing results through this diet (well done ladies!) but I want to know realistically how easy it is to maintain the weight loss once food is started to be introduced again? Are the "move on" plans effective enough as long as they are followed to keep the weight off for good?

    I've put on soooo much over the last couple of years and it's getting me down... I really need to take drastic action but I just don't want to set myself up to fail. I'm not sure emotionally I could go through these feelings again!

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :)


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  3. kerrynew1

    kerrynew1 Full Member

    The weight won't pile back on unless you return to the old eating habits that made you gain weight in the first place. My advice would be to always have a follow up plan to move onto once you're done with Exante (I didn't and now I'm back again after re-gaining 26lbs of the 72lbs I lost) Following through the steps is best in my opinion but many move onto Weight Watchers, Slimming world or one of the many Low Carb diets around. Planning is key. Good luck with whatever you decide to do x
  4. lilly05

    lilly05 Full Member

    Iv decided once I get to my goal weight I'm gonna have a weigh in every month and if iv put a bit on I'll go back on exante the one where you have a meal to lose whatever I put on .where As the last time I just let the weight creep back on slowly
  5. scoobydo

    scoobydo Member

    Weight will happen after aby diet if your old habits come back. I lost 4 stone a few years ago on Cambridge , became a consultant so proud of my weight loss and couldn't wait to help others. A few years on re gained all weight lost plus half stone more but it wasn't the cambridge that failed to work it was me who failed to maintain a healthy lifestyle! it wouldn't of mattered if it had been ww, sw etc etc i thought i was in control when clearly i wasn't and before it knew it back eating the same old same old! definately this time i will take my own advice and go up through the increased cal stages to make sure i don't repeat same mistake. Good luck which ever route you choose x

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