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Advice please..


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
I have been doing sw since Feb and go on with the plan pretty well apart from the weekend when we tend to go out or have a take away and then it all goes to pot.
I was woundering do i go back to ww and be hungry? Or can i have my syns just on an evening out? So when we have our saturday treat like chinese,indian,kebabe or md d out would that be ok?
Any advice i would be very greatful.
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G: 10st7lb
What about having a flexi syn day on your treat day and limiting your syns on the other days to say 5 or 8 or something like that. I think if you go back to WW and are hungry a lot you may end up having more "treat" days than you do now.

Or another option would be to have your syns on a weekly basis, IE 105 per week, rather than daily and then on the days when you aren't having many or any syns just really load up on free foods and take full advantage of your healthy extras.

Good luck whatever you decide sweetie x
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My SW leader said it's fine to save up syns for the weekend like I did on WW - altho others have told me not to, she said that as long as your total week's syns are within the allowed range, it doesn't really matter if you have them all on one day - as she said, it's "the amount of calories in will be about the same, whether you eat them all at once or over time. If you eat them, you eat them, and it doesn't matter when that is!"

Stick with it hun, chopping and changing is not the answer - and at least you can be full on SW, even if you are limited with the types of foods you fill up on, it's better than being hungry!!



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S: 15st1.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 11st7.0lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st7lb(3.32%)
I love to go out for a meal once a week - and its usually a curry. I try to be a little sensible, choosing boiled rice and roti or chapati instead of fried rice and nan bread. I avoid the lamb and the creamy curries and also ask them to make the food as low fat as possible. We share a starter and limit ourselves to one poppadom each. In this way I get a treat and don't feel guilty.

When I get slimmer I might have to cut down a bit but at the moment I'm still loosing weight nicely - At the end of the day this is what flexible sins are for so don't go back to weight watchers, being hungry all the time is not a good way to loose weight long term.


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
Thanks very much for all your replies, i am going to try and see if i can find a class that i can go to on Monday evening a sw class and do most of my syns for the weekend and hope this will help me stay on track. I here different views about saving syns thats all.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st6lb(2.87%)
hi gemma, although i'm a ww bod, i did sw a few years ago and from what i remember you can save up your syns just like you do your points on ww. good luck whichever you decide,cos you're doing great
G: 10st7lb
Well the best thing is to give it a go and see what happens, if it affects your weightloss then you can relook at your options can't you? Just keep a log of your syns counting down from 105 at the start of your week and take it from there.


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i am going to try and see if i can find a class that i can go to on Monday evening a sw class .
Gemma- I think this is a good idea.

I WI on Monday and the thought of it makes me that little bit more sensible on the weekend. I know if I had WI later in the week I would be more inclined to say "f**k it" at the weekend!


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I had a flexi-day yesterday, the first one since starting sw, and it was ideal for the bbq I had. I just told myself I could "spend" 50 syns and I actually came in under budget! I was so impressed I shall not worry anymore about having a flexi-day.


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
I have managed to find a new class 5 mins from my house starting next Monday so i am not going to a class this week and going to go next week, but i am starting the new felix syns system.


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The best thing to do is allow yourself 70 syns for the week (10 a day) because I know you don't have that much to lose now. work out what syns you use on your weekend enjoyment and then divide the rest of the syns over the rest of the week. Or, have a running total of 70. Start counting them on a Saturday morning and work through them until you have none left. They might all be gone by Sunday night, or they may last you until the following Friday. Once they've gone, eat syn free till Saturday morning again.

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