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Advice PLS on tea time binging & how to stop it. x

I am really good all day, drink loads and loads of ice water and green tea then at about 4pm I seem to go crazy and loose the plot. I then have to eat nothing for the rest of the day to balance it out. Can anyone please give me some advice / tips on how to keep out that bloody kitchen at 4ish, I'm in there due to making the kids tea, I don't have mine until my husband gets in at 6 but it's like a habit Ive gotten into which I desperately need to break.

Thanks for reading xxx
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Lovin it !!! :)
Do you eat anything during the day to go with your water & tea ?

Grazing on low point foods throughout the day helps to keep energy & sugar levels up - maybe have something just before that time to break the habit.

Apparantly it takes "6 sessions" of something to break or make a habit so try building in a low point snack around that time - have some veggies chopped up to nibble on, maybe make some 0 point soup or some crispbreads or something - tesco do dutch crispbreads for 1/2 point each whcih are lovely - 4 of them is only 2 points with maybe some sliced toms or cucumber on ??

Hope it helps - good luck xx


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NOt eating after 4 sounds like a complete nightmare! I would go down the very low point snack route! Even have a wee mini kit kat thats only 50 cals with a wee cup of tea to make it through till dinner. If I dont eat when I am hungry that bad man Mr Domino is called and that is never good!! lol!
Thanks - gots some really good ideas there - I would press a thank you button if i could find one but can't seem to see one anywhere.


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What about chewing gum while you are making the kiddies dinner? I find that helps me when I don't want to eat but its an easy-to-pick moment.. :)
IIRC chewing gum encourages the body to produce saliva, which in turn the body then thinks it's going to get fed. (then the feeling of hunger starts)
Possibly, Tristar... I personally find it stops me eating for a couple of hours though :)
Cleaning my teeth does the same, I find that eating straight after having minty fresh teeth just tastes awful...! That nasty fruit juice after teethcleaning is the worst thing in the world! Worse than that stuff they give you to stop biting your nails :p

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