Advice pls - what should I do?


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Hi all,
I was wondering if any of you old hands could give your opinion on my situation...

I have been SSing for a week and until today had some tummy toilet issues. They've stopped thankfully! but all day my tummy has felt really acidy. I decided to have the AAM tonight of some cooked chicken and that helped.

Do you think I have a problem with the packs or is this normal in the beginning weeks? I can't keep going with this acidy feeling, and it's making me burp!!!

Any advice? I would be so grateful for input :D
By Husband Mizzy said that he had acid stomach for the first 2 weeks of SSing but that it was improved by drinking more water sips through out the day. It was gone by the third week.

I had no problems at all but would agree that more water might be the key. Or if that doesn't help you may need to move to one of the other programmes that incorporate some food.

Best of Luck

I had a bit of that too, especially when I started with the water flavourings. More water seems to flush it out and I had no more problems after the first couple of weeks.

Hope you feel better (I so want to sign off this post Tweetiepie! Lol)
:D v funny isobel!

Thank you for your replies ladies, I'd hate to have to give up now as it seems to be working and that's never happened before!

Will stick with it and see how it turns out. First proper weigh in tomorrow so hopefully that will give me some oomph back!!

thanks for taking the time to reply xx
My Friend had to come off the diet due to her acids in ther stomach...aparently she had an acid problem anyway befor ethe diet which caused reflux ....the doc told her that is she did not stop the diet it was possible that she may have developed an ulcer or the acid would have burnt her stomach lining away....if you had any acid probles before the diet see your doc just incase.
I too have had an acidy tummy this week and it is my starting week. It has got better as the week went on though. And its not that way anymore, unless I dont drink the same amount of water. Its ok if I drink about 3-4 litres a day. Any less and acid comes back.
I've only had acid reflux twice in my life. Preganancy and whilst on CD!!!!!

It does ease up and drinking water helps. xx
I find that sips of water really help as they neutralise the acid x
I find I get this with the Spicy Tomato.

If you chew gum this can cause acidity as well which is why we advise against it.

Rennies and Gaviscon can be used.

...ooh that sounds nice! Shame I don't have it as I love aniseed Gaviscon. I wondered if certain food packs were best avoided.

Dizzy x
:D thanks everyone for your replies, very helpful indeed.

The acidy feeling seems to have settled down a little now, but I shall keep drinking the water as suggested, and if it gets bad again, have a little chicken like on the AAM week....I know technically that's not 'normal' to do, but if it helps to keep me on the diet I think it's passable, and sensible really. I guess it's either that or not do the diet at all, which would be a real shame as I like it.

Many thanks all!