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Back after a few years. Started today on the New You Diet. Anyone else?


Hello everyone, well I am back. I was on this for a while a few years ago, I had been on the Lipotrim Diet and then moved to the Cambridge Diet. Today I am starting again, this time on the New You Diet. (Anyone else on this or is there a group for it?)

I have gained so much weight over the past few years and have put the blinkers on. This morning I weighed in at 19 Stone 13.5 lbs. I am wondering if it was a sign just before I pip the 20 Stone Mark? So basically I have a long journey ahead of me, I want to lose 9 stone and get to 11 stone. (I'm 5'7 and would be thrilled with this).

I have three beautiful children and I am at home full time. I have battled with depression and am off meds now the last 6 months. That coupled with giving up cigarettes nearly two years ago has helped me live in a world of comfort and binge eating.

I feel everything in my life is now dictated by my weight, I refuse invitations for nearly everything. I am so embaressed to bump in to people I know and as a consequence I have left myself pretty isolated. I feel I have lost out on some pretty good friends who have stopped asking to meet up, even though I have tried to be honest about how I feel it just doesn't seem to be understood. I have always been the chubby friend but now I am the very obese friend who has even struggled to squeeze in to some of my friends kitchen chairs. Why did I do this to myself? How did I let it get this out of control?

I was on a plane trip a couple months ago and sat in agony for nearly an hour with the seatbelt digging in to me. I was afraid to undo it in case it would not go back on. Most trips/holidays have been via ferry or car journeys.

Well, I have just put a deposit on our first family sun holiday for next July to give myself a big goal to finally lose the weight. I will never be in a bikini but I want to have a bit of fun with my kids and not just be the mum on the side minding the bags and coats.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you. I would really appreciate any support anyone can give, particularly from anyone in a similar situation to mine and I hope to help out others wherever I can too.

Good to be back.

Beatles x
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Thank you Tasi, tis great to be off the cigarettes. New You is like the Cambridge but I find it cheaper and with better snacks/meals to keep me sane :)
Hey there,

We have similar start and goal weights! I am like you and get soo fed up as the weight piles on, I become withdrawn, feel less "sexy" and it affects my relationship. I've yo-yo'd over the years and this is the second time i've let myself get this heavy. Time to kick my butt into gear and start seeing that number go down for the last time.

I'd love to keep in touch when you get a diary set up, and I can give you mine when I get there.

Best of luck on the first step of your journey :)

Jen xx