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advice required please


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ladies and gents, i'm in need of some advice and cant seem to find an answer online.

i've decided not to weigh in this week, and maybe next.

when i went to the docs the other day, i mentioned the water retention in my right leg, and asked for more water tablets, which she didn't give me. i then got asked to go to phlebotomy, which i did this morning, to have blood taken to check my kidneys are functioning properly. this past week, my legs (mainly my right one) look like those big donner meat things you see in late night kebab shops, they are so swollen.
anyway, i weighed myself when i left the docs this morning (boots scales that i always use) and between last saturday and now, i've GAINED 8lbs!!! now, i know i havent been so great with my weight plan this week, and havent been to the gym due to the bloating, but i've no way gained that amount. my legs are still huge!!

however, my question is this, WHY AM I NEVER THIRSTY? i forget to drink. today, i've had a cup of tea at 8am, and one pint of water half an hour ago. is this why i'm retaining fluid? or are my kidneys seriously ****ed up?
my aunt who died last year had kidney problems all her adult life, and i do worry that a similar thing is in line for me. are these things hereditery?

thanks for reading xxx
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Not such a fat kat now :)
You do need to drink as much water as possible. It seems contradictory but the more you drink, the less you retain.
You do need to make sure you drink hun, especially in this weather. Dont be worrying about your kidneys too much either i am sure your ok there! I went a while once where my right knee kept swelling up but all is ok again now, try some peppermint tea, thats great!! Is your leg sore at all? Maybe its an injury!!

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
no advice hun - just hope you are okay xxx


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wait and see what the doctor says about the tests you have done, but more importantly you need to drink loads more than you are..

if they are not going to give you water tablets, ahve you tried just plain over the counter ones, or the herbal equiv???

try and get in some exercise too, as it will allow you to sweat it out....


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thanks so much guys.

leg is still looking like a kebab thingy! not quite as bad as it was though. one of my colleagues thinks my results will be back tomorrow (she goes to the same doc as me). will give an update then.

also, kes, i excercise every single day. last week i didn't do as much working out as normal as i was dog-sitting.
i've decided to come off the tablets for a week to see how that affects my kebab legs, will keep you all posted, thanks again xxx


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ps, when i was speaking to my big sister about it (can you still call her a big sister when you're 31 and shes 41?!) and she says she gets some fluid retention, but not much, and also, strangely, she ALWAYS forgets to drink too...
Hi Zoso,

So sorry ti hear about your legs not so great - I'm not in a position to give you medical advice but I'm suffering with multiple DVT's in my leg calf's and they swell to incredible size ( i don't no what my docs measure in in or cm but the right calf is 13-15 bigger then the left one)

I cut down on my fluid as well because i thought as I could push my finger in the leg and it would leave a indent - I think that when you no you are retaining a lill bit of fluid, I got these water pills fro Tesco something - balance i thnk i think they were called - it helped but what helped more is I no this dos'nt apply to everyone but a little bit of rest with legs elevated up a few cushions or pillows.

Like I say I'm not in any medical position
But if you don get anywhere with your doctor see another one in the surgery maybe 2 different opinions may be better then one - I don't no.

But Please just take it easy and don't worry about the diet get yourself better 1st



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aww, thanks so much guys. results werent back from the docs yet, hopefully tomorrow.

ken, someone in work also suggested lying on the couch when i get home (fine chance of that happening!!) with my legs raised on cushions/folded towels etc until my legs are "at a level thats above the heart", which i've done. i've also been sleeping with 3 beach towels folded and my leg resting on that! its helped slightly, but when i'm back on my feet again, it eventually swells. i've taken a large glass from home to work and have been using that, i think it holds around a pint and i drank 3 of those today, probably could have had another, but the water coolers have been removed (thats government cuts for you!!) and the cold tap is literally at the complete oposite end of the floor i work on and i'm literally so busy i had no time!


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i brought a couple of 1 ltre bottles of water and i refill them and take them around with me everywhere...
sometimes i ahve sugar free squash sometimes just water... :)


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hi guys, laptop has a virus so not been online much, has wiped loads of stuff.
called the docs the other day, was told "no further action" and nothing else, need to make an appt to go back and see them for a referral to somewhere else.
have been watching what i'm eating, not been great though. still not taking the xenical. weighing in next friday instead of saturday, so will hopefully have good news then xxx


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Best thing to download for pc/ laptop is Window software which take care of everything without slowing your system down like Norton does amongst other software. Download windows anti virus and the rest from windows after you reset your laptop/pc to an earlier date which will inturn return all of your missing files but this you must do to your C drive aswell as your D drive, and follow the dl from windows protection and that will take care of the bad things on your system.

Oh and the best thing is it's totally FREE and I have't had a single problem with it or with my system and honestly do swear by their software and the plus side is it a tually speeds your system up considerably


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hi folks,

had a further appointment at the doctors yesterday. seen the same doctor, which is a rare occurence in my practice, as its so busy. so, what i've been told is very little. as i said earlier, no further action for the kidney function test. i asked about a referral to the vascular clinic, however, she didn't want to do that just now. i've been given a prescription for water tablets, and she's referred me to have a pelvic scan to see if there is anything blocking the veins etc at the top of my leg (tumour, cyst (i have pcos), blocked gland, etc), and if that comes back clear then i'm going to have to insist on a referral to the vascular clinic. i'm not just going to take water tablets and not know why i'm having the swelling in the first place. i've got an appt in 2 weeks, and we'll see what happens then. i'm going back on my xenical from monday (i've taken myself off them to see if they may have been causing the swelling in the first place). i've been very careless with my diet over the past few weeks, though need to really give myself a good kick up the arse, and get back on it, and back to the gym for my daily workouts, and see how it goes from there.
got my boyfriends graaduation a week on wednesday, and i'd love to have 3 or 4 lbs off by then, so i'm sure i'll be on here a bit more often again for some moral support!

i'm off now for a few days, going to the boy's parents later today in cheshire and then on to birmingham on monday for his grandmothers funeral, so have a nice weekend, see you all on tuesday!! xxx
Where in cheshire hun?

I agree you cant just keep taking water tablets and hope the swelling goes, you need to know the cause of it in the first place. Especially as it has lasted so long, really hope you get sorted hun, must be so annoying for you. Just be careful going back the gym in case there is some underlying problem causing it, dont over do it!!


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just to resurrect this old thread!
i've had my pelvic scan, and the dr who scanned me said it looks normal. cant tell you how relieved i was. i seriously thought i had bladder cancer, as my aunt did, and she passed last year.

anyway, more positive, less worried now, no more comfort eating, onwards and upwards!!

on a positive note, i've just made 36 cupcakes, a victoria sponge, a banoffee cheesecake and a cherry bakewell cake for a birthday party tomorrow and i've not even been a tiny bit tempted!!

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