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Advice wanted on purchasing a rower

Hi all,

Hope yas can help me. The fella wants to purchase a rower for me as I am complaining about getting excess skin on my arms and belly with losing weight so quick. Can somebody recommend one that they know is good? I know it would probably be cheaper and easier to go to the gym but I am too embarassed to even go there. I dont know whether to get an air rower or water rower. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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Carpe diem, baby!
The ones I use in the gym are pretty expensive, they are the air ones, with the adjustable dampener...unsure what is the best type as only use them in the gym...pretty sure they all operate on the same system as in they work the same way...don't forget that rowing is mainly a leg workout...you use your arms relaxed to pull the bar towards your abs...but I suppose you can use it as an arm workout if needs be...it's great cardio though...
yea I heard they were pretty good for cardio, As ya go to the gym can ya suggest something that is great for arms and tummy? Thanks


Carpe diem, baby!
Let me see...have you any weights at home (dumbells or barbell sets with plates)? As weight training is the key to toning really...although ab workouts can be done with gym ball, bosu and ordinary sit-ups and russian twists, that sort of thing...weighted workouts do tend to increase lean mass and definition and help the saggy bits (my tummy still has some major work to get the last bit of sag gone!)...also just losing the fat and exercising aerobically/cardiovascularly helps to tone as well as lose more weight of course...

Will be back with suggestions if you have no weights, etc...old fashioned press ups and pull ups are fab (but holding your own body weight up and pulling it up are hard I can only just pull myself up now after 7 months at the gym...) Don't forget that working your whole body out is the key too, you cannot spot reduce as such when working out...
Thanks for your response. I dont have weights at home but looking into getting a set as well. It may be cheaper to join a gym after all this.......lol. I do have my gym ball so will defintely having a go on it to be honest wasnt sure what I was supposed to do with it. I am really petrified that I am going to get saggy skin so want to do as much as I can now when I am losing the weight as it is coming off very quickly. Even though I have lost nearly 2 stone I can defintely notice it moreso in my arms at the moment and my arms are going to be on display as my wedding dress is strapless!! Many thanks for your help hun its really appreciated!
Most gyms use concept rowers with upright wheel and chain pulley
For home use water rower is fantastic peice of kit
Wheel is a bowl full of water with stainless paddle , beauty is sits horizontal o floor so doesnt obstruct tv if rowing while watching Tv
Made of wood and on wheels so will stand up and take little space for storage
Get some great deals on second hand on e-bay
ah great tip, will have a little check out on ebay for it. Many thanks for your advice its apprecaited

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