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Advice with 1.5 stone to loose

I have been on Lipotrim for 7 months now and lost 5 and a half stone through the pharmacy program. Lots of people have congratulated me and asked me how I have done it. I have been reading this site for ages and have had lots of questions answered but I have a new one now.
A friend of mine in work has 1.5 stone to loose and inspired by my weight loss went to the chemist to get on the lipotrim diet. She was reused the total food replacment and offered the maintenance plan because the chemist said she should actually only loose 1 stone and couldn't offer her the total food replacement plan even if she did have 1.5 stone to loose as it is intended for people with more excess weight than that.
She has a bmi of 25 according to the chemist. I have advised her to do the maintenance but she wanted really fast results so went and bought LT on ebay and has started (yesterday) to do the plan unsupervised. I have seen what she has bought and it looks and tastes exactly like my packs (says she bought it from a woman with an odd number of packs left over after reaching goal).
I am looking for advice - i don't have any solid facts about why LT won't have the same results on a lighter person than someone like me and when I try to tell her about my concerns she says that slim for someone who has been severly over weight is different to slim for someone who has always been slim - basically she says that although she may appear not to be overweight to me in her clothes, she needs to loose this 1.5 stone to get to where she is happy ..
Other than the blood pressure monitoring I have at the pharmacy I have no arguements to use - and to be honest I think she thinks I am jealous and don't want her using the diet as I think she is already slim - if I was that slim I would be delighted! Do you all think this is OK and I am worried for nothing?
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It probably wasnt the cleverist of idea's to buy it off ebay - but we all know what its like to be desperate - I myself have bought some dodgy enough slimming pills.
The chemist I use has this big machine - and anyone can go in and use it. Its costs 2 euro and it checks your blood pressure, bmi and weight. If your chemist or any other chemist has one of these than try and talk her into going into one of them every few days.

She is clearly determined - and if you keep going on about it it will only make her more determined - all you can do is advise her to closely moniter her health.


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minime its nice that you are worried about her ,my sister was told the same she only has 1 stone to lose.LT is a drastic diet and is really only suitable as a last resort ,the maintenance does work if used for weight loss but as she is so determined to lose it and quick all i can say is keep your eye on her ,my pharmasist has never checked my blood pressure or anything so i wouldnt be too worried about that part xxx
HI ,

When i started lipotrim my friend at work wanted to do it so she went to the same chemist as me and had to beg to get it as she wasnt that over weight apparently you have to be more than a stone over weight she did it for a week and felt really dredful all week she ended up having time off work because she had no energy she lost 6lb in a week but the chemist put her on maintence and then she felt much better and kept the weight off you should tell your friend that the chemist knows what they are talking about and didnt give her the stuff for good reason but as has already been said we all know what its like to be desperate dont we i just hope she doesnt get ill through it all .


weighs a lot less
you can get free maintence samples from LT website and they taste better than the tfr xx


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I would agree that the maintenance would be the best for your friend hun, LT is supposed to be for obese people and a bmi of 25 is far from obese! Its her choice at the end of the day but i certainly wouldnt buy shakes off ebay! Lil is right the maintenance foods are quite nice and you can get free samples maybe urge her to give it a go xx


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In my honest opinion, she'll get fed up with it after not too long. LT is too extreme for people who don't have serious weight problems, I predict she won't stick it out very long!

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