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Hey all...

Bit of a story here...

since I can remember i have had VERY irregular periods (sometimes 1 a year!), i have always had fairly bad skin although at the moment its not too bad. never had too much hair but what i do is coarse and dark. very oily skin/hair. sweating. weight gain!

Anyway one day i found a magazine article which made me realise PCOS symptoms sounded just like me! off i trotted to the doctors to get fixed... he sent me for a blood test to see if i had it and that came back negative but he said plenty are negative in positive PCOS cases. he recommended i go for a ultrasound as this would be a more of an indication. at the ultrasound the technician said she couldn't see anything and a blood test would be better?!!!??!!

Back at the drs he said he still thinks i have it but with 2neg results he couldn't confirm. and wasnt prepared to do any more tests... i said i would like to know though but he got shirty and said why do i need to know as i am not planning on children yet!!

i dont want kids yet but would like to know what is going on!

anyone else had similar issues and What should i do??
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Ive had the EXACT thing happen to me!!!! absolutely down to a T!!!

although since having the tests and seeing the dr (this was about 3 months ago now) ive got my period fairly regular!!!! its wierd how that happens yet annoying...
what the Dr said to me was when i start trying, come back and we can go through the same process again, or wait a year and if i still ahve not become preg then they will refer me to a specialist....

How frustrating is it though... to not know what the hell is going on!!!
ehhhhh finally someone who understands!!
Hi Helen
im sorry you have had a negative experience like this, its really unfair. My advice would be to ask to be refered to see an endocrinologist for specialised blood testing, maybe pay private for a consultation (if funds allow!) or your gp should be able to refer you to one. I have severe pcos and was diagnosed about 17 yrs ago, been to see some docs over the yrs but have just found a great endocrinologist who was very thorough and is very straight with me with answers to questions that i have (there are many!)..Look up pcos and endcrinologist on google, get lots of info, go back to your gp and ask to be referred.. Good luck with this and dont give up x
I agree with the previous post. Your GP is talking rubbish if (s)he thinks that the only time you'll be bothered about having PCOS is if you're trying to get pregnant. It's about so much more than that. I had negative blood tests for several years & eventually I was scanned & they found bizillions of cysts :cry:. Even then the appointment with the endocrinologist was 14 months away, so I paid to go private & was seen that week. It was such a relief to have someone explain that I wasn't going insane for feeling so rotten all the time. Don't be fobbed off, get it sorted whilst you're still young.
C: 15st5lb G: 10st0lb
Thanks guys. its reassuring to know that im not making a fuss about nothing!!
i will kick and scream and stamp my feet and get this sorted!lol!

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Hi Girls,
Hope you don't mind me commenting on your post,
If I can tell you what my problems are I'd LOVE your advice!

I started the Cambridge diet a while back and lost just over two stone, I came of it for a while and about 3 weeks after coming off it my hair started falling out!
Really badley, I've never had a lot of hair and it's always been really thin but it's getting to the point now where I am losing it alot faster than it's growing and I'm getting bad thinning.

Anyway I went to the doctors and have had about 5 blood tests so far and nothing apart from a higher level of tesostrone has come up.
She's told me I must have something called Hyperangrodgenism.
Now I looked it up and My symptoms don't really follow but I did come across POS on the internet and this seems more likely to me!

I've since I was about 16 had 2-3 periods a year and the Doctor put me on the pill to help but didn't think there were any problems.
This helped for a while and then it went back to 2-3 a year!
I met my husband to be and we wanted to have a baby so I went to the doctors after 18 months of trying and He sent me for tests and again nothing abnormal came up and a little while after that I had a healthy baby girl!!
Now I'm wondering if I do have POS as the irregular periods, bad skin, hair loss all fit with me and I fall asleep at the drop of a hat!!
Hope you can offer advice!
I'm going for more tests on Wednesday!!

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