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Hi I'm new here

IN Janu 07 I decided that being a size 20 and heavily overweight I needed to lose some weight and did weight watchers at home. I lost 3.5 stone and am now a size 16, can wear some 14 skirts and tops.

I need to lose justover 3 stone to be in my healthy weight range and was thinking of doing lighter life but I am a but unsure as I am not sure I can't not eat for 14 weeks. Also worried about the signals I would be sending out to my 5 year old daughter when we can't sit and have a family meal together coz mummy has to drink a soup or something.

Because I've lost a lot already I have lost the willpower to stick to weight watchers now and need something else....or new will power.

What advice can you give?

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There are bonuses on both side of this one to be honest Emma - but firstly well done on losing your 3.5 stone on weight watchers :)

If you do LL, you'll lose the weight within the 14 weeks and can move onto RTM where you start bringing in food as soon as you feel you're nearing your goal as you'll likely still lose at least a stone doing that - so by doing LL you'll have the bonus of losing the weight quickly and also the added benefit of the counselling which might help you realise why you have put the weight on and hopefully then stop you from putting it on again in the future.

The downside is that yes you're not going to be able to eat the same meals as your family but you can still sit down with them (if you can brave it, most can but some can't), you can have a bowl of soup while they are eating so your daughter won't realise... and to be honest she's not likely going to remember it in 5 months let alone 5 years. If you are struggling to lose on ww then a very low cal diet might be just what you need - only you though can work out what's best for you.

As for not eating 'real food' - to be honest I and plenty of others find that pretty easy, much much much more easy than eating limited amounts of 'normal food'..... and the time will fly by.

Good luck with whichever you choose - do keep us posted though as to how you're getting on.
coming on here and reading some of the posts and seeing the losses you have all acheived has inspired me more......think i need to work out the financial implications....can you pay by credit card lol
Not sure about the credit card, might depend on your counsellor.

There is also the Cambridge Diet which is the same diet in principle but it's done on a one to one basis so you don't meet a group and there is no counselling - think that's around £35-£40 from what I've read ...... achieves the same results though so might be worth considering.

The thing with the £66 is that it seems a lot but when you add up what you might spend each week on food, fast food, junk, chocolate, takeaways, meals out - in can add up to a lot more than £66 - to be honest I think I'm financially better off when doing this diet.... just don't seem to spend money the same way.
i will still have to buy food for my husband and daughter tho and our shopping bill each week is only £50 as I am a very careful shopper and cook almost everything we eat from scratch and we grow our own veg too

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