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Hi everyone, I did the Cambridge diet last year, lost two stone, now I have put it all on plus an extra 2 stone!! Reason I am asking advice is I want to go back on it, but worried about maintenance? I have been doing Weight watchers, after looking at all the threads on their website all they do is slag it offsaying how rubbish the diet is and how they all know someone who had been on it and put it on again! and more! I'm just worried as heard such bad reports, I really want to do it again, surely once I loose the weight I can use weight watchers as a maintenance programme and it will stay off? Sorry to mumble on but if anyone has any advice on the science of it that would be great!! Heather
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Don't you get sick of all these people that know someone else blah blah blah?!
It wasn't the diet that caused the regain it's the eating habits afterwards. No diet continues to work once you're no longer following it.
Sounds like this time you have a plan to stop you regaining :)
If CD is what you want to do to get to goal then why not? And as for maintenance, work through the highers plans and if you see your weight creep up more than a few pounds then take action quickly :)
There are quite a few people about who maintain their weight in different ways.
Good luck with whatever you decide. Don't let the negativity of others deter you :)


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When I started this diet my sister poo-poohed it saying the usual, it doesn't teach you good eating habits etc, you'll put it all on and more, blah blah blah....

Now, don't get me wrong, my sister's lovely, but she's been on slimming world for three years and has lost three stone, it suits her lifestyle more than cambridge would, but i think when you have a bulk of weight to lose like i did when i started, all you want is it off, FAST!

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that biscuits, pizza, kfc and what not are bad for you...

But anyway, my plan is do this diet properly, including the refeeding programmes, and then use common sense.

Also, if it helps, I did WW a fer weays ago and started at 17st 4, got down to about 15ish maybe and lost heart as it was taking ages. But I'd at least learnt healthy eating habits, eh??

Nope, was 18st 4 when I started Cambridge in Feb... So WW weight losses go back on too you know if you eat biscuits... who knew??

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