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advise on horrid boyfriend and pizza!!!!

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Oh that horrid boyfriend of mine.........i started sw on monday and its been a nightmare 3 days the shakes and REALLY bad headaches which thankfully have now gone but giving up malibu, coffee and chocolate certainy affected me but im so determined still cant
believe how bad i felt just goes to prove how much rubbish ive been eating, anyway its his birthday tommorow and on our birthdays we pick where were going and hes picked pizza express!! What on earth can i have from there, does anyone have any ideas? xxx
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Funny enough we were talking about pizza express at class last night and apparently there is a pizza that has the centre cut out and it is replaced with salad. No idea what the syns are but got to be one of the healthier options I would have thought.


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Unless you have made a conscious decision for some reason, there is no need to cut anything out of your diet entirely. That is the beauty of SW :)

As for your boyfriend, I would make it clear in no uncertain terms that pizza place is a bad choice regardless of it being his birthday lol. If you do go, your best bet is likely the salad or a pasta dish although the sauces normally make them a bad choice :(

Generally speaking, if I have something like a meal out to come later in the week, I tend to lower my syns for the days in advance of it to the minimum of 5, and also have a syn free day on the day of the meal until I go out. It is after all only 1 of the 21 meals you will have that week, so you can enjoy it :)
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Loggario Pizza. Its yummy. I did see syns once. Quite alot but no whee near what you would expect for a normal pizza



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Yes that's what I'd go for or a tomato based pasta (no garlic bread) if they do them. I think it's a bit unfair to tell him he can't go to Pizza Express when it's birthday.

Not that bad if you share or even if you don't.

Pizza Express Restaurants Leggera Margherita Pizza per ½ pizza

12½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 12½ Syns
Green 12½ Syns

Pizza Express Restaurants Leggera Gustosa Pizza per ½ pizza

12½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 12½ Syns
Green 12½ Syns

Pizza Express Restaurants Leggera Vitabella Pizza per ½ pizza

12½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 12½ Syns
Green 12½ Syns

They do lovely salads.

And last time I was in Pizza Express (last September) I noticed that on the menu they said that as many people asked them to put the dressing on the side, that's what they were going to do in future (with the exception of the Caesar salad, where you have to ask for it not to be dressed). It came in a little jug, which meant you could put on as much or as little as you like - or none at all.

The Pizza Express website has a complete list
of all its calorie values - for the salads it lists them with or without dressing, and with or without dough sticks, so you can decide in advance what you are going to have.

Have a good time!!


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i'd eat free foods all day and no healthy extras.

i'd order the mozarella and tomato salad and ask them to leave the olive oil off. (mozarella can be part of your b choice)

there's a good selection of mains that you can choose from. there are pasta dishes, salads and leggera pizzas.

choose wisely and enjoy :)

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