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after foundation


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
Ok, I know that after foundation you get development and then management, but wanted I wanted to know is how long until you're eating 3 meals aday again and no packs.

I have to admit when I first looked into LL I thought ok 100 days without food that's not too bad. But now I'm on it I keep thinking after my 100 days I can't wait to have poached egg or salad and beetroot and chicken with coleslaw!! but now I realise that I can't just come off foundation and eat straight away again.

Am I looking at around christmas until I'm eating 'normally' again?

Any info would be great

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I believe that when you reach your goal weight there is then a 12 week Management cycle, where different foodstuffs are introduced, week on week.

So you're probably looking at 3 months from target weight.

Don't let this discourage you though please! It's amazing how quickly the time goes, and how soon you'll be able to taste that chicken!!


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The management programme is 12 weeks in length, but you are eating most food groups, apart from foods like cheese and carbs like pasta/rice/chocolate/cereal (which are trigger foods) after about week 6 (i think), then you do trigger weeks.

On trigger weeks you have a small amount of that weeks trigger food for 6 days, no trigger on day 7, then a different trigger food the next week. You only get one trigger a week. So, for example, if it's chocolate, and if chocolate was trigger week 9 (purely in theory cos i can't remember which week it was), then for week 9 you could have a little bit of chocolate every day, but none after that until week 13.

Please please please follow management to the letter, it is well worth it, and the consequences of not following it are SO not worth it!!!


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
thanks for the replies, I totally plan on following it 100% was just curious as to how it worked out.

Do people who have done management still have foodpacks?

Yes, 3 a day for 2 weeks then 2 a day weeks 3-8; 1 a day weeks 9-12. It gets cheaper the fewer food packs you have too!:) If you search for Amanda Jayne's management thread all the details are in there.
After management there is the option to have food packs - I believe some people find it helpful to use them but you can just get advice/support from the sessions without buying packs.

Mrs Lard

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So glad Goombagirl mentioned AJ's management diary. It really does give you insight into how management runs and worth reading. AJ has also done a maintenance diary ie what happens AFTER management (also as a thread) but make sure you read management first.

Good luck.

Mrs Lxx

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