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After four weeks of floudering....

.... I'm almost back with you all, I'm not yet but will be as of Monday morning.

Not really much I can say as to my 'disappearance' - things hit rock bottom all around me and I just couldn't do it ---- the sad thing is that it wasn't the diet I couldn't do it was the 'life' and the diet was just the thing that gave way.

Anyhow, no regrets = I've done what I've done but as from Monday it's onwards and downwards.

Thanks for your thoughts and pm's re my vanishing - I really wish I could have posted in here but my head just couldn't do it, I do really appreciate your thoughts and concern though xxx

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Hi there you drunken bum, good luck for Monday, will be willing you on, but I am sure you won't need it x


soon to be minnie mouse
welcome back and good luck for your restart.
just think how much you can actually lose before your hols in 5wks, you could easily get 2st off if you put all your energy into it. good luck


constantly confused
Sorry you've been having such a tough time. :hug99:

I really hope things start to improve, and hope we see more (and less!) of you around here :D


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good to have u back hun ! xxx
Hi Katie

Great to see you back here. I have missed you!! Sorry you had a rough time, but good on ya for grabbin' hold of the reins again.

You know we are here for you - and knowyou will get right back in the saddle and carry on like the star you are.

Welcome Back!!! :) :)

Cheers everyone, it's good to be back.

Sent a text to my LLC to check the refreshers is still running and to see if I'm okay to come back and she said it is and that she's looking forward to seeing me.

I'm really looking forward to getting back on it - got weighed this morning and it's not looking good but I'm going to leave my ticker etc as it will just depress me if I have to move that backwards too --- so I'll just look forward to the day I can change it in the right direction :)
Hello you (how do you flouder by the way? :)).

Hiya :) If the number on my scales is to be believed (which sadly it has to be) then I flounder very well indeed - can do that much better than I do the dieting!

Woo hoo Monday is just around the corner for us. I'm too scared to weigh myself in the morning as I wasn't as well behaved as I would have liked these past few days but I will do it so I have a truly accurate record of what I have achieved when I get to the end of my 9 weeks.

Good luck to you
Yep it's almost Monday morning which for me is Day 1 of 32 - going to do my very best, even planning on hitting the gym after a few days ..... oh the fun we'll have :)

I didn't want to get on the scales but thought it was for the best, least I know how well I'm doing that way.

Good luck with it honey - we can do this xx
Hi ya!!!!

I just know you'll do brilliantly these next 5 weeks:D

Hope you're enjoying your last few hours of peace, bet you can't wait for the troups to return. Have you polished off that bottle of red yet?:D

I was so tired yesterday, but managed to drag myself out for another night:rolleyes::D Ended up at a beach party, completely plastered and rolled in around 2 this morning:eek::eek:

I had clients from 9.00am today and I dont know how I've managed to function, looking forward to a hearty indian takeaway tonight, then I think a couple of weeks of being good are in order, havent dared check out the scales, all that alcohol and midnight feasts have taken their toll I think;)

Will be watching your progress and willing you on all the way!

Good luck today with your restart Katie - I know you will jump right back on and be right in there as you were before. Forget about your lapse, and just carry on down the path. I think it is a good idea to just leave your ticket alone until you re-join with it!!

All the best hon!!


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